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penalty of thousands or 3 times of the payable tax 
blacklisted, sued and accused by inland revenue department and imprisoned 
low personal credit
activities of financing and loans will be affected in hong kong, china mainland and other countries
bank account will be closed
lose the opportunity to corporate with international clients and it is rather hard to seek development in business
required by crs

hard in company merger and acquisition and reorganization


bank accounts with operation records


companies with import and export records in customs

and logistics companies


companies have purchase and sale

relationship with hong kong businessmen 


companies hire employees in hong kong 


operate in the name of hong kong company or

have operation records in bank

companies authorized or allowed to use

patent and trademark design in hong kong

companies authorized or allowed to collect

rent by personal estate

companies with sales commission agent in

hong kong 

companies with profits from hong kong 

companies established over 18 months 

contract signing 
  • tax contract
  • company income checking 
  • registration details and singing negotiation  
documents collection 
  • company statement of bank account
  • company basic information
  • company daily business bills 
  • data verification and account management
  • account feedback information 
  • make account and avoid tax reasonably
audit plan making
  • account data adjustment
  •  audit information confirmation
  • signature of clients 
audit finishing 
  • accountants signatures and stamps
  • inland revenue department declaration 
  • audit reports delivered to clients 

hacos hong kong company audit services include

  • make company financial statement
  • caculate profits tax
  • fill different types of tax reports 
  • reply mails from revenue department 
  • arrange professional service team to make audit
  • make personal assets examination report

what if i lost some monthly statements?

we will help apply for the missing monthly statements

how hong kong company annual audit be divided?

generally, the deadline of fiscal year is march 31 and december 31

what do audit reports include?

  • profit statement 
  • balance sheet
  • audit tableaudit suggestions from accountants 

under what condition can hong kong company make zero declaration?

  • profits do not come from hong kong 
  • companies without accounts
  • companies with accounts but no actual operation 

what is the first time for tax declaration after hong kong company registration?

18 months after hong kong company registration

can hong kong company apply for delay of declaration?


dose it mean company need to pay lots of tax for making audit?

there is no tax if the result is loss. but gaining profit does not mean have to pay tax. accountants will offer suggestions based on company situation.