company cancellation « hacos business service-ag真人试玩

four risks of not canceling company in time 

unqualified to be company senior manager

unqualified to be the legal person of other new companies within three years 

blacklisted in industry and commerce and published in public 

information is published in the company credit online system of industry and commerce and is able to be checked anytime

personal adverse credit record


personal credit is shared online throughout the country and adverse record will prevent

individuals from buying house with bank loan and applying for immigration

tax penalty 


monthly penalty for state tax; daily penalty and overdue penalty for individual income tax

hacos service guarantee

brand enterprise

rich and professional agent experience 

information privacy 
protect clients’ information from revealing 

many-for-one professional service

senior business consultants, accountants and operational staffs

integration service platform 

specialize in incorporation, tax and accounting, trademark and other enterprise business services