common problems 


lack of professional accountants that are

familiar with foreign trade; low accuracy rate in making accounts leads to financial risks.

postponement of latest policy information 

fail to keep abreast of the times and to adjust financial plan in time

lack of tax
avoidance awareness 

not good at avoiding tax reasonably and reducing tax burden for enterprise 

low working efficiency 

extra cost in human resource and time 

high operating cost

it costs at least an annual fee of 50,000 yuan to hire accountants privately

human resource flow 

frequent employee flow will result in mess and disordered bookkeeping work.

bookkeeping « hacos business service-ag真人试玩

hacos not only helps you to avoid financial risk but also focuses on enterprises’every development period.

professional and efficient 

declare tax and provide tax form in time 

senior accountant team

satisfy the demand of foreign trade enterprises in every development period

crm system management

documents and data are saved permanently 

daily financial instruction 

regular explanation and solution of financial projects and problems by specialized persons

low cost

save enterprise cost


formal and professional agent organization

approved by bureau of finance


financial statement in chinese and english;

regular visiting service; professional financial suggestions help to avoid

financial problems

use crm system to manage data and keep

clients’ information permanently and safely


one-to-one consultant service informs you

the latest policies and financial projects

basic company certificates, bank receipts,ca certificate, ets tax agreement will be prepared to manage the account after company establishment.

tax bureau registration
bills and accounts management
financial statements arrangement
tax declaration 
free tax consultation

small-scale taxpayers 

general taxpayers 

annual audit 

after bookkeeping, you can apply for invoices, tax reduction and exemption, small-scale taxpayers and buy social insurance and accumulation fund.

got problems in finance and tax? find a professional consultant right now.

what materials are needed for company registration?

company name, business scale, legal person’s or investor’s information

one package service for bookkeeping and taxdeclaration? 

yes, we are a professional service brand for foreign enterprises.

is it safe for bookkeeping? 

hacos has accounting qualification as well

as professional accountants with accounting and financial certificates. data in the system is confidential and is managed by specialized staffs, which avoid being exposed.

is it possible for enterprise to reduce tax reasonably?

with professional knowledge and rich

experience, hacos’s accountants can adjust financial plans according to the policy changes.

does small scale taxpayer bear more tax?

generally, small scale taxpayers will bear more tax than

general taxpayers, but not for all cases.

it is possible to be duty-free if the business volume is within 30,000 yuan?

vat for quarterly tax-exclusive sales

volume that less than 90,000 is free.

more services of hacos

company registration

serve over 10,000 foreign trade enterprises; faster and more professional 

company account opening 

professional accounting service with high efficiency

company cancellation 

information is strictly confidential