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see you there! 125th canton fair! 125届广交会,瀚客与你不见不散!

on april 15th, the first phase of the 125th canton fair will kick off. as the largest comprehensive international trade exhibition with the longest history in china, the canton fair attracts buyers from all over the world to gather in guangzhou every year. 

本月15号, 125届广交会正式开始。 see you there! 125th canton fair! 125届广交会,瀚客与你不见不散!


see you there! 125th canton fair! 125届广交会,瀚客与你不见不散!

 it’s our great honor to invite you to visit us at 125th canton fair. a good opportunity to make a better understanding of marketing issues & future business.


see you there! 125th canton fair! 125届广交会,瀚客与你不见不散!

time & site

phase 1: april 15-19, 2019

phase 1: april 23-27, 2019

phase 3: may 1-5, 2019

booth no. t24 on the pavement


exhibition categories

phase 1: april 15-19, 2019

  • electronics & household electrical appliances

  • lighting equipment

  • vehicles & spare parts

  • machinery 

  • hardware & tools

  • energy resources 

  • chemical products

  • building materials

  • international pavilion

phase 2: april 23-27, 2019  

  • consumer goods 

  • gifts 

  • home decorations

phase 3: may 1- 5, 2019  

  • office supplies, 

  • cases & bags, and recreation products

  • medical devices and health products

  • food

  • shoes

  • textiles & garments

  • international pavilion

see you there! 125th canton fair! 125届广交会,瀚客与你不见不散!

registration & entry to canton fair

registration should be done by participants in person on arrival in guangzhou before entering the canton fair since it is unavailable online. access to the fair is granted only to those with confirmed buyer card, so please do keep it well and take it whenever you want to enter the fair hall.

see more information about registration in detailed, please click:


if you already have the buyer card, you can enter the fair complex directly. if you forget to bring the card or lose it, you can re-apply for it at the overseas buyers’ registration office with a service fee of 200 rmb/card.

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