at recent, china news reported that a young married couple who were desperately trying to get pregnant for four years and they were surprised to find out the reason behind their inability to conceive is because they had been having sex the wrong way.  © image | google consulted obstetrician the 26-year-old man and his 24-year-old wife from china, whose identity were kept secret, they consulted obstetrician dr liu hongmei early this year, chinese portal guiyang evening post reported. the couple told dr liu when asked about the wife’s medical history that they had been having sexual intercourse frequently. sex had been incredibly painful the wife said sex had been incredibly painful for her, but she endured it in hopes of conceiving. dr liu initially believed the wife could have a gynecological condition, but upon examining her, she discovered the woman was still a virgin. © image | google identified the reason the doctor then examined the woman’s anus and identified the reason for their failure to conceive – they had been having anal intercourse for four years. “the couple are very young. the man is 26 and the woman is 24. they are very healthy, but even though they have been married for four years they could not get pregnant,” dr liu said. “because of that their family gave them a lot of pressure,” she added. © image | google sex education dr liu then reportedly gave the couple a sex education handbook and “guidelines” before allowing them to go home. the doctor’s advice proved fruitful – the wife became pregnant a few months later. they delivered the good news to dr liu by sending 100 eggs and a live chicken to her hospital as a gift. © image | google sex education in china is not perfect and family pressure lead many chinese people to make mistakes! in short, china also needs to strengthen the work in this area, and to solve the fertility problem! share to let your friends know!