attention! shanghai port the vessel into shanghai port needs special information report during this period of time! implementation time chinese vessels: september 15 solstice mid-november; any chinese vessel enter the water era of huangpu river at shanghai port for navigation, berthing and operation shall report to the maritime administration for special information, and shall apply for special ship safety inspection. foreign vessels: october 1 solstice mid-november; any foreign vessel enter the water era of huangpu river at shanghai port for navigation, berting and operation shall report to the maritime administration for special information, and the maritime administration will carry out special security inspection of vessel in combination with port state control. great! shanghai customs shanghai customs fully implements the early declaration, and it is not necessary to arrive at the port in advance! the declaration procedure can be completed without changing the bill of lading! import “advance declaration” business process.   prepare for all declarations; check & confirm that the manifest data has been transmitted to the customs through the website of gacc:; before the arrival of the transportation vehicle, go through the procedures of declaration,tax payment, etc; after the transportation vehicle arrives at the port, it will be released for delivery and inspection procedures. notice! tianjin customs  tianjin customs issued a notice, export goods will be gradually by the port of shipment arrived from september 1! all export goods will be delivered by the dock gradually before december 31,2018, and the depot will no longer send the delivery report. all export container cargoes (including foreign containers) in operation have been changed to the port reporting mode.  alert! yangshan port only an access to the yangshan port in shanghai, the donghai bridge, began construction on september 3 and it is expected that construction will end on september 10. in the coming week yangshan port may present a continuous traffic situation. please pay attention to the shipping delay and do not rush.