new deal: lost your passport and reissue visa instantly!

the ministry of public security held a press conference in beijing on 28th and the national immigration bureau announced that they would implement 22 new measures to improve service management. in addition to some convenience measures for residents of mainland china, it’s involved that foreigners can also enjoy the convenience of emergency services from sept 1. image | 人民网 to enjoy immediate acceptance  in these situations to facilitate the convenience of foreigners with emergency needs, the public security exit and entry administration will provide instant acceptance and approval for foreigners in the following three situations: for foreigners who need to re-issue their visas for the loss of passports, they can enjoy the instant acceptance & approval services on the basis of the explanation letter provided by the inviting unit and the plane (railway / boat) ticket with the confirmed date and seat; for foreign crew member and his/her accompanying family member urgently need to apply for a staying permit to leave the port city and leave the country, they can enjoy immediate acceptance by the ship’s agency guarantee letter and the plane (railway / boat) ticket with the confirmed date and seat; for a member of a foreign tour group urgently needs to apply for a visa to separate from the group and leave the country, they can use the letter of explanation provided by the host travel agency and the plane (railway / boat)  ticket with the confirmed date and seat to apply. currently according to the national immigration service and the relevant regulations on entry and exit management: at present, foreigners apply for visa extension, exchange (supplement) or apply for staying documents, the public security exit and entry administration will accept and process the application within 7 working days.  however, when foreigners live and work in china, the above-mentioned situation happened from time to time. if the corresponding visas and stay permits are reissued within the current prescribed time limit, the applicant’s itinerary may be affected. after implementation  of the new deal to this end, the national immigration administration has decided to provide instant acceptance services for those foreigners who have the above-mentioned situations, and timely process the application of visas and staying permits.  image | 人民网 after the implementation of the new deal, it is estimated that nearly 30,000 foreigners can enjoy emergency services in an emergency every year. application process for travel  documents to be made simpler mainland residents who need a passport or a permit for travel to hong kong, macao and taiwan, will be able to complete the application process at any entry and exit office nationwide starting on sept 1. image | baidu currently, individual applicants living somewhere other than the place of residence indicated in their hukou, or residence permit, often found it necessary to return to their hometown to get a passport or travel document, because a person in another province requires proof of address, employment, study and kinship. please share with your friends!