alipay new feature! your transfer can be withdrawn!

alipay is a popular payment provider in china. in order to get paid via alipay, you must have a valid alipay account. chinese taxes may apply. © image |  alipay scam alert recently, a female student reported being scammed after a man claimed he had cooperated with her university and could help students extend their visas for a fee of rmb 6600.   © image | guidienchina once the money had been transferred to this alleged university coordinator, the student never heard from him again. he just disappeared. © image | google if you ever receive a message from someone or an organization that is proclaiming to help facilitate your visa process in an informal way with money transfers such as the above-mentioned case, 90% of the time those individuals are scammers. and you should definitely not trust them. new feature!!! now, we’ll tell your a good news: according to alipay official microblogging, alipay has introduced a new feature, your transfer can be withdrawn! alipay’s security system can identify the risk when you transfer, and when you encounter a suspicious account, you will be reminded to cancel the transfer or choose to delay the transfer. therefore, if you find that you are cheated when you make a transaction, you can call to freeze the transaction, and your money will return! how to set “defer arrival”? step 1 open your alipay, select the “transfer”. step 2 select the “…” in the upper right corner. step 3 select the “defer arrival”. step 4 according to your actual situation to select tranfer time. step 5 enter the information, the money will arrive in the recipient’ s account in 2 or 24 hours. last but not least!!! even if you do not choose to delay the transfer, if the risk control of alipay identifies the risk of transfer, such as the transaction history of the payee account, the flow of funds are suspicious and so on, alipay will promptly remind you to make a delayed transfer.