attention! foreigners illegal employment to be fined 5,100rmb!

on the morning of september 8, shimen police station of jinxi county public security bureau received a report that a foreigner was working as a foreign teacher in a bilingual kindergarten in xiugu town, jinxi county, according to the new legal report. © image | google what happen? after receiving the alarm, shimen police station immediately contacted xiugu police station to jointly rush to the bilingual kindergarten for investigation. © image | google the foreigner, identified by police as a nigerian, is now an exchange student at jiangxi university of finance and economics. the man came to two kindergartens in jinxi county from nanchang to engage in teaching activities. punishment the man’s behavior violated the provisions of article 80, paragraph 1, of law of the people’s republic of china on the administration of entry and exit, and he was suspected of illegal employment.  © image | baidu the police fined the man 5,100 yuan according to law. attention!!! we would like to warn all foreigners that not to work illegally in china. maybe you will be fined or you will be deported! © image | google