no more visa agency in china? fake news!

recently, you may have heard the news about the chinese government to ban visa agencies. since then, many expats in china are worried about how to deal with the work visa and residence permit after that.  © image | google actually, you don’t need to worry too much because the article you read before may be a clickbait! official notice from the gov. © image | 国家移民管理局 translation of the notice above according to the “notice on promoting the implementation of the separation of business licenses and permits” issued by the state council on september 27, 2018, the qualifications for private entry and exit intermediaries (excluding overseas employment) will be revoked in october 2018. 1. qualification to stop entry and exit agencies for private purposes since november 10, 2018, the entry and exit administration departments of public security organs will stop accepting applications for private entry and exit intermediaries (excluding overseas employment) and will stop issuing business licenses for private entry and exit agencies (hereinafter referred to as “business licenses”). the business license issued at the same time will automatically become invalid. 2. clean up the business license from november 10 – 30, 2018, the exit and entry administration departments of the public security organs of various localities shall take back the original business licenses, file them, and destroy the blank business licenses. 3. return the reserve fund the exit and entry administration department of the public security organ shall complete the work of returning the reserve fund to the intermediary agency by november 30, 2018. correct understanding should be… after the communication and confirmation with the china immigration bureau, the correct understanding should be as follows: this agency permit is mainly about chinese people going abroad or chinese immigration abroad, not involving foreigners coming to china, working in china or immigrating to china. according to the notice, the bureau will stop the permit application from november 10, 2018, and all previously issued licenses will be invalid automatically. it means that every company can engage in chinese immigration without a license (before this business is limited). how’ll new regulations affect you? the new regulations will further open up the private immigration services market because they can operate legally without the need for relevant qualifications. therefore, there may be many small-scale agents, and it is important for you to choose a good service provider wisely. © image | google since the new regulations specifically focus on the “migration services for chinese people”, it will not have any major impact on foreigners working in china. thanks for visiting hacos, and welcome u check back frequently to see the news. 【hacos】leading business services provider!

lol when you see these bizarre translations

wether you are a newcomer or have been staying in china for a while, i am sure that you have come across a lot of chinese-english translations in many places like railway station, public toilet, metro station, park, tourist sites or in a restaurant. the original purpose of these translations is to help expats in china have an easier and convenient life, however, the reality is that many these translations are mistranslated and not so accurate, expats fail to understand and get even more confused. actually, some of these translations are far from accurate and helpful, they are bizarrely translated and somehow make you laugh out loud. following are some very funny examples! yes, this reminder sign encourages you to fall down ” carefully”   this guy is smart, he is not good enough at translation, but at least he is honest, right? the original translation is disposable products. but when you see this, you get confused about the actual function of the products.  the correct translation for this dish: pork lungs in chili sauce a delicious traditional chinese dish, but when you see this translation you get scared and never want to try it. the dog: you never know how capable i am. make sure you use your phone in a right and normal way! original translation: neurology department. but this one is for god use only. you will be labelled once you step into this park. speechless… poor duck… you know this is a canteen even they fail to translate it. no, i don’t want it to be my home… in a metro station and wait for my train, anything to do with noodle? am i smart? write couplets in english… i know, that god lives in china… have you ever come across any bizarre translations?  please tell us by leaving your words at below.  thanks for visiting hacos, and welcome u check back frequently to see the news. 【hacos】leading business services provider! and here in hacos, you can not only get more information about china, but also get a full range of business services here!

local flavours in china! which do you like?

chinese cuisine is famous over the world. different regions have different characteristics of delicious food. today, we are going to introduce some special products of several prominent cities in china to see if you have any favorite food. beijing beijing gathers national delicacies, arts and crafts and ethnic supplies. palace dishes, roast duck, preserved fruit, candies, beijing embroidery, costume, cloisonne and so on are very famous. 北 京 guangdong guangdong is the hometown of tropical and subtropical tea and fruit. the famous fruits include dongguan banana, chaozhou tangerine, zengcheng litchi, zhuhai seafood, chaozhou carp, zhanjiang lobster, and canton sausage, moon cake and other famous food. 广 东 cantonese cuisine is famous both at home and abroad and focuses on frying and roasting. it is good at small stir fry, fresh and smooth, and more wild vegetables. famous dishes include white sea shrimp, crispy suckling pig and so on. guangzhou(canton) morning tea in guangzhou is more famous! its delicacies, such as shrimp dumplings, are the king of cantonese cuisine. shrimp dumpling glittering and translucent skin, inside shrimp crisp and sweet, is every morning tea must order the delicious! 广 州 the other is pineapple oil, the best way to eat pineapple oil is to put the freshly baked pineapple bag on the cold butter, which is delicious and is the favorite of guangzhou people. 早 茶 shanghai shanghai has a profound cultural heritage of modern cities and many historical sites. wuyue traditional culture in jiangnan is integrated with the diverse cultures brought by immigrants from all over the country, forming a unique shanghai culture, and many shanghai famous products have been made earlier! 上 海 shanghai is famous for its braising, raw stir-frying and stir-frying of aquatic vegetables. it has the characteristics of jiangnan flavor and strong adaptability.  shanghai snacks and flavors are also very rich. shenzhen there are more than 160 rivers in shenzhen, which are divided into dongjiang, gulf and pearl river estuary water systems, but the rain collection area and flow rate are not large.  深 圳 the total cultivated land resources of shenzhen is 2446.7 hectares, the fruit planting area is 9946.7 hectares, and the forestry land is 79,700 hectares. it is rich in agricultural and sideline products such as longgang “sanhuang chicken”, nantou litchi, nanshan peach, shiyan shali, golden tortoise and longhuafang persimmon. xiamen xiamen specialty products mainly include: oyster fried, bamboo shoots frozen, horseshoe crispy, sand tea noodles, wenchang fish, lily tea, lacquer line carving, osmanthus sugar, fried jujube, corner comb, orchid tea,and so on. 厦 门 horseshoe crispy,which is the elegant name “fragrant cake”, is a famous spot in xiamen and quanzhou. wenchang fish is a rare specialty in xiamen, fujian province. it is commonly known as the crocodile worm. its main producing area is liuwudian, tongan county, xiamen city, and it is named after the wenchang fish court on the liuwudian island. foshan foshan has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and four seasons like spring. it belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate. the annual average temperature is 23.2 °c. it has been a rich land of fish and rice since ancient times.  佛 山 the main specialties are hydrating powder ge, leping sydney melon, sanshui black skin melon, kiu kiang shuang zheng jiu, leping sydney melon, luocun bamboo shoots and so on. zhongshan zhongshan is located to the south of the tropic of cancer, the northern edge of the tropics, with sufficient light, abundant heat and warm climate.  中 山 the main specialty products include zhongshan crispy pork, huangqi lawei, shaxi herbal tea, xiaolan chrysanthemum, shenwan pineapple, rose flower food, shiqi longan, zhongshan powdered fruit golden marl, almond cake and so on. yiwu yiwu is rich in fertility, brown sugar, ham and southern jujube are known as “three big treasures” in yiwu. they are famous at home and abroad. tofu skin, yuba, white wine, mountain pear and other famous native products have a long history, large output and high quality. they have won many honors in ancient and modern china and abroad.  义 乌 yiwu specialty products mainly include jujube, candied dates, brown sugar, ham, tofu skin, yuba, white wine, top wine, and mountain pear. chengdu chengdu is located in a subtropical humid region with complex topography and landscape, diverse natural ecological environment and abundant biological resources. 成 都 the main specialty products include anren grape, chongqing loquat leaf tea, chongyang wine, chongzhou turmeric, datun mustard, dujiangyan magnolia, dujiangyan kiwi, fuhong apricot and jintang black goat. leave a message to tell us  which city are you in china?

summer camp boom in china: business or education?

currently, summer camps are very popular among young children of middle-class families in china and it is estimated that the annual income of the summer camp will exceed 20 to 30 billion yuan, with the market expected to reach 400 billion yuan in the next 5 to 10 years, china newsweek reported on august 20. © image | people’s daily online the background of summer camp summer camps are an excellent way for students to spend their summer holidays and help working parents find something for their children to do in western countries. however, such activities have recently been promoted as an important event in china, with summer camps being deemed a must-do for every child. © image | google outdoor activities have gradually expanded from enterprises to primary and middle schools after quality-oriented education was rolled out across china since the year 2000. until 2009, the summer camps popular among chinese students were channeled into three categories, learning, physical and mental training and study-touring. promoting study tours in dec 2016, the ministry of education and 10 other ministries jointly released a statement promoting study tours for primary and secondary school students, and the industry quickly took off. © image | google mrs wang, a mother of three who has lived in the u.s. for over 10 years, said that many summer camp organizers from abroad have spoken out about such factors as anxious chinese parents’ stronger spending power and the mentality of blindly following any after-school education such as camp education. however, wang explained that the facilities in domestic camps have now surpassed those in the u.s. summer camp is just one of the options for american students deciding how to spend their summer holidays. © image | google according to 2013 american camp association data, about 14 million people in the united states, both parents and children, participate in summer camps every year , indicating that summer camp students accounted for less than one-third of all school-age children that year. reward excellent students china started to reward excellent students by sending them on excursions to the then soviet union in the early 1950s, marking the start of chinese summer camps. in the eyes of the older generation, summer camps are still only for a small number of top students, but today, it seems more like good business, available to all. © image | google china is the wild west of the teaching world, if you want to do business in china, the summer camp teacher is also a good choice! share to let your friends know!