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a new regulation will allow residents of hong kong, macao, and taiwan to apply for residence permits in the chinese mainland. eligible applicants may apply for this permit on a voluntary basis, according to the officials. 

new policy for these regions to get chinese residence permits!

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a document issued at a press conference held by the state council information office thursday said the regulation, to be promulgated by the state council general office, will take effect from september 1

new policy for these regions to get chinese residence permits!

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with a residence permit, residents from hong kong, macao, and taiwan will enjoy more rights, basic public services, and other conveniences relating to their study, work, business operation, and life in the mainland, the document said. 

applicant qualifications

  • pass for hong kong and macao residents to travel to the mainland (home visit permit), or a 5-year permit for taiwan residents to the mainland (taiwan pass)

  • living in the mainland for more than half a year, having legally stable employment, legally stable residence, or continuous studying documents.

holders can enjoy these welfare

holders enjoy 3 rights, 6 basic public services and 9 conveniences.

3 rights

  • legal labor and employment, 

  • social insurance,

  • housing provident fund.

6 basic public services

the government and relevant departments shall provide the holder with…

  • 9 years of compulsory education, 

  • basic public employment services, 

  • basic public health services, 

  • public cultural sports services, 

  • legal aid

  • other legal services;

9 conveniences

    • apply for a motor vehicle driver’s license and registration of motor vehicles in your place of residence, 

    • apply for a vocational qualification examination or professional qualifications, 

    • register for birth services and check in at hotels in the mainland,

    • purchase domestic flights, trains tickets online. 

    • using financial services such as banking, insurance, securities and futures services; 

    • shopping in the equal treatment as mainland residents; 

    • purchasing tickets for parks and various cultural and sports venues; 

    • cultural entertainment; 

    • business travel consumption;


how to apply for it?

  • apply at the nearest police station and submit the supporting documents, and you will be able to obtain the residence permit within 20 working days;

  • the public security organs of all cities will announce the specific acceptance points and specific procedures to the public before september.

new policy for these regions to get chinese residence permits!

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the report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of china pledged to formulate and improve policies and measures to make it more convenient for people from hong kong and macao to develop careers on the mainland. 

it also said efforts will be made to ensure that over time, people from taiwan will enjoy the same treatment as mainland residents when they pursue their studies, start businesses, seek jobs, or live on the mainland.

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crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

crocs has announced the closure of its last manufacturing facility in italy, much to the dismay of its global array of consumers.

crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

the comfortable foam clog shoe has been a source of contention ever since it was first launched 16 years ago, as it is unquestionably one of the most hated shoes around the world.

crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

image |

crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

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it breaks the hearts of many fans!

despite the arguably unsightly design of the shoe, many have been expressing their upset over the news that the company’s last factory will shortly be closing down. 

when the news of the facility’s closure was announced by the company in a quarterly statement published, numerous people took this to mean that crocs would soon become a thing of the past

crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

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“really crocs have the audacity to shut down after all that we’ve been through together? my heart hurts,” someone wrote on twitter. 

“save our crocs,” another person pleaded.

this’s not the end of crocs!

however, crocs has assured its fans that this isn’t the end of their favourite holey footwear.

however, despite the widespread belief that the entire organisation would be folding, crocs has informed the internet that this isn’t the case.

crocs announced to close its last factory, seriously!

image | twitter@crocs

false alarm: we aren’t going anywhere, the company wrote on twitter in response to a concerned shopper. 

in a further tweet, crocs stated: “take comfort, #crocnation. our future remains as bright, bold and colourful as ever.” 

according to the statement in regard to the company’s revenue in the second quarter of 2018, crocs will be closing its last manufacturing facility in order to “simplify the business and improve profitability.”

this decision comes following the closure of another of its manufacturing facilities in mexico during the second quarter.

crocs has stated that it believes it will bring in a revenue of around $240 to $250m (£188 to £195m) in the third quarter of the year, having brought in a revenue of $243.3m (£190m) during the same period last year.

earlier this year, it was revealed that crocs had released a high-heeled version of its comfortable but aesthetically displeasing shoe in collaboration with british designer christopher kane.

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why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

for expats who do foreign trade in china, they are always very concerned about the changes in the exchange rate of the us dollar and today’s exchange rate usd to rmb is 1:6.9! 

why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

however, at the same time, china is printing foreign currencies on a massive scale as beijing seeks to increase its influence on the world economy and geopolitics.

why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

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full capacity to meet high quota

multiple sources in the china banknote printing and minting corporation confirmed that money production plants across the country were running at nearly full capacity to meet an unusually high quota set by the government this year.

most of the demand comes from participants in the “belt and road initiative” and one source, who asked not to be named due to the confidential nature of the information, said that chinese yuan bills only made “a small proportion of the orders”.

the state-owned company, headquartered in beijing’s xicheng district, describes itself as the world’s largest money printer by scale. with more than 18,000 employees, it runs more than 10 strictly guarded facilities for the production of paper notes and coins.

why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

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by contrast, its us counterpart, the us bureau of engraving and printing, employs a tenth of the staff at two currency factories; the world’s number two, the british firm de la rue, had slightly more than 3,100 employees at the end of last year.

in china, the rise of mobile payments in recent years has significantly reduced the use of and demand for banknotes.

from big cities to remote villages, smartphones have become wallets, with most transactions in grocery stores now carried out digitally, leaving many printing plants short of work.

why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

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but the resulting lull ended suddenly earlier this year.

the nation’s largest currency paper mill in baoding, hebei province, sprang into action with the sudden arrival of “big orders”, according to an employee working in the 604 factory, a subsidiary of the corporation.

“our machines have been running at full steam for months”, according to another employee working at the facility.

“currency is a symbol of 

a country’s sovereignty.”

hu xingdou, a professor of economics at the beijing institute of technology, said that a country must have considerable trust in the chinese government to allow it to print its banknotes.

why more&more countries allow china to print their currency?

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“the world economic landscape is undergoing some profound changes. as china becomes bigger and more powerful, it will challenge the value system established by the west. printing money for other countries is an important step,” he said.

“currency is a symbol of a country’s sovereignty. this business helps build trust and even monetary alliances.”

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no carrefour in mainland china anymore? seriouly?

since july , the news that “carrefour officially withdrew from the chinese market” has spread on the internet, and many wechat official accounts have also reported.

no carrefour in mainland china anymore? seriouly?

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the main content of the “news” 

“recently, carrefour officially announced that the french headquarters has laid off 2,000 people, and signed the terms of potential investment intentions with tencent and yonghui. after that, carrefour will turn the center to e-commerce. this statement is euphemistic, but in fact, it has been explained that carrefour eventually sold tencent and exited the chinese market.”

the inquiry found that there are three main points for the report of “carrefour officially withdraws from the chinese market”:

  • layoffs at the french headquarters,

  • signed a strategic cooperation agreement with tencent and yonghui,

  • the center turned to e-commerce.

but all of the above are old news at the beginning of this year! in fact, based on these three old news, it is impossible to draw the conclusion that carrefour will withdraw from china.

responsible person responds

regarding the network rumors of “formally withdrawing from china”, the relevant person in charge of carrefour responded this week.

“we have not received any relevant notices. for example, in chengdu area, 17 stores except ziyang have been operating normally and have not been affected. carrefour is launching a flash sale with the meituan, and there has been no further cooperation with tencent and yonghui in the near future.”

the person in charge also said, “carrefour china has noticed the rumors on the internet recently, and initially felt that there is no need to blame. “this ‘news’ is too bizarre!” however, as the news continues to ferment, the official may give a unified and clear statement.”

rumored development

beginning in the second half of 2017, carrefour, which has performed poorly in the chinese market, is rumored to be “selling”. on january 18, 2018, more rumors were that ali and auchan would acquire carrefour china stores.

on january 23, carrefour announced that tencent and yonghui will make potential investments in carrefour china and have signed an investment letter of intent with potential investment in carrefour china. 

no carrefour in mainland china anymore? seriouly?

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the above-mentioned three parties will further cooperate in supply chain integration, technology application and business empowerment. after the investment is completed, carrefour will remain the largest shareholder of carrefour china. carrefour asia pacific president tang jianian made it clear at the time that carrefour would not leave china.

in addition, on january 23, carrefour group announced the “carrefour 2022 plan”, aiming to adjust the business model and management organization in order to achieve the transformation of food consumption.

no carrefour in mainland china anymore? seriouly?

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carrefour said at the time that the french headquarters would use a voluntary resignation method to lay off 2,400 people, intending to save 2 billion euros in costs, and shift its focus to e-commerce and organic products.

so don’t worry about it.:)

fake news has been cleared.

you can continue to go shopping happily!