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chinese speed dating – multiple degrees & an empty bed?

shanghai — at a downtown café in the historic huangpu district, graphic designer shawn chow stands among 50 men ready to meet 50 women. everyone here has at least a master’s or doctorate — that’s what it takes to even get through the door at this exclusive speed dating event.

chinese speed dating - multiple degrees & an empty bed?

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chow knows exactly what he wants in a partner: “a modern mulan.” he’s seeking a woman who is as optimistic, wise, brave, and kind-hearted as the fabled warrior. she also must be a doctor, at least 1.68 meters tall, and have a master’s degree or higher, so an event like this could be the perfect place to find her.

now 40, chow has been actively looking for his legendary lady for a full decade. the shanghai native has registered on around 20 online dating platforms, but he says that as he gets older, he more often prefers offline events. for more than four years, he has used the services of jiaoda matchmaker, a platform he favors for its elite clientele and detailed listings.

it charges women more than men,

simply reflects supply & demand.

the platform has also drawn controversy for its gendered pricing. for some events, jiaoda charges women more than men, which it says simply reflects supply and demand.

chinese speed dating - multiple degrees & an empty bed?

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“some feminists criticize the price difference as gender discrimination, but it’s a fact of the market. it costs us more to find men of high quality,” founder wu siyi says.

jiaoda implements uneven pricing depending on the event’s theme and how much interest they expect from participants of different genders. for example for events in which male participants must be over 1.8 meters tall or work in finance or tech, the price is 39 yuan for men but 169 for women ($5.50 and $25, respectively). 


but for events that they anticipate will be more popular with men — those for women under 28, for example — the price is 99 yuan for all participants.

compared with the “marriage market” 

in people’s park


for chow, platforms like jiaoda are preferable to the city’s famed “marriage market” in people’s park, where many anxious parents shop around for spouses for their adult children. he disdains the public displays of desperation. 


“the atmosphere at people’s park is not nice. to me, it’s like a trading floor for marriage [where] the subjects themselves are absent,” he says. 


chinese speed dating - multiple degrees & an empty bed?

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“even if the parents agree to a price, they ignore whether their children’s personalities and social circles are compatible.”

yet like the personals ads pinned to umbrellas at people’s park, a quick survey of jiaoda’s events and promotions reveals the hierarchy of desirability — as well as how the dimensions of age, sex, location, and class affect dating in china today.

procedure of the speed dating


at the speed dating event in huangpu, each person is given a sheet with the names and details of all the participants of the opposite gender that they can check off as they proceed. once the clock starts, two men and two women talk to each other for 8 minutes before the men are asked to move along to the next table.

chinese speed dating - multiple degrees & an empty bed?

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it takes a whole afternoon to meet everyone — a lot of nice-to-meet-you’s and other small talk, over and over. with their pens and paper and patient, focused expressions, some of the participants look more like they are conducting a job interview or competing in the math olympiad than dating.

chinese speed dating - multiple degrees & an empty bed?

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when these rapid-fire rendezvous are all done, each person picks their top three among those they have met. pairs who mutually select each other are told they’re a “match” and receive a small prize. popularity awards also go to the man and woman who are selected by the most attendees.

marriage market in china


according to the name lists left by participants at five jiaoda events in july, excluding their age-specific events, the average age of 456 participants was 32 for men and 29 for women. 


based on data published by the ministry of civil affairs, the biggest demographic among newlyweds across the nation in 2017 was the 25 to 29 age bracket, while according to the most recent figures from shanghai, the average age of people marrying in 2014 was 34 for men and 32 for women. (the data does not distinguish first marriages from subsequent marriages.)

“in the marriage market, women think that they can’t afford to wait, on account of traditional social pressures or [anxieties about] missing the ideal childbearing age, whereas men are not in a hurry,” wu says. “girls are quite active during events, but boys tend to be shy.”

new changes in international logistics: update your news weekly

china: stricter inspection on wooden packaging


in order to ensure that the essential packaging for the outbound goods meets the quarantine requirements of the importing countries or regions, and to avoid economic losses, the chinese customs has issued a notice in accordance with the provisions on the administrative measures for the quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of outbound goods.


weekly news update you need

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the wooden packaging used for outbound goods shall be disposed of in accordance with the prescribed quarantine treatment methods and applied to the ippc logo of the international plant protection convention.

when the customs examines the outbound goods, they shall conduct a spot check on the wooden packaging used for the goods. if they do not meet the requirements, they are not allowed to leave the country.

argentina: shipping company must transmit the manifest

according to no. 4278-18 regulation document released by the argentine customs, the shipping company must transmit the manifest and other information to the argentine customs as soon as possible after the shipment of the goods, and the offender will be punished with a high fine.

for goods in brazil (whether exported or transited from brazil), it is required to be provided at least within 12 hours after the ship leaving its berthing. this manifest policy covers all argentine ports including buenos aires, branca and campana.

weekly news update you need

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for the shipper, the following information needs to be provided to the shipping company.

weekly news update you needfull name of consignee

weekly news update you needthe cuit number of consignee

weekly news update you needhs code

weekly news update you needensure the gross weight of the goods is

consistent with other commercial documents

indonesian customs issued new import regulations


indonesian customs issued new import regulations last week. the new rules are as follows:

weekly news update you needindonesia’s minimum tax value threshold dropped from usd100 to usd75.

weekly news update you needregardless of the declaration from which import port and courier company, the customs will limit the minimum tax per recipient per day to usd75 based on the date of arrival. the customs system will filter the import value based on the recipient’s name and address. below usd75 will be considered as informal taxable goods with an average tariff of 7.5% and the consignment note (cn) will be used as a customs document. it is reported that the new regulations will take effect on october 10, 2018.

pil stops receiving goods in/out of iran


with the us restarting the most severe economic sanctions against iran in the history, following the exit of its shipping giants such as maersk, msc and cma cgm from iran, the singapore shipping company pil has also stopped receiving goods in and out of iran. currently, pil has terminated iran.

weekly news update you need

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bangladesh customs issues shipping bans


recently, bangladesh customs issued a new regulation that will not allow its shippers to export and import goods to western countries using the ports of calcutta and haldia in india. currently, vessels are allowed to transport bilateral cargo from the ports of kolkata and haldia, but cannot transport international cargo, which is said to be prohibited under the coastal shipping agreement. bangladeshi shipping minister abdul samad said the decision was for the benefit of bangladesh’s chittagong and mongla ports, and their capacity is on the rise, considering the construction of new equipment and terminals.

alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

two years ago, when nigeria’s 24-year-old boy john set foot on china’s land, his heart was full of embarrassment for the future: as an international student to study in china for three years, to complete his master’s degree, to get a doctorate and then return home to start a business. 

but all this was changed after being “inexplicably” involved in transnational cyber fraud cases…

alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

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what’s going on?


on march 2, 2018, a middle-aged woman hurried into the nanxi district bureau of the yibin city public security bureau, claiming to be a victim of a cyber fraud.

ms. zheng is a teacher in nanxi district. on june 15, 2017, she added a man named “paul” on wechat. he said that he is an american from oxnard, california, and works in dubai. soon, in the following 20 days, the relationship between the two people rose sharply and developed into a “lover” relationship.

alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

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not long after the formal relationship between the two was officially confirmed, paul began to ask zheng for “economic support” on the grounds of illness, hospitalization, work injury compensation, and business operations. 


soon, zheng’s savings in the bank for many years have been exhausted, but paul’s “business” does not seem to be improving. in desperation, ms. zheng chose to borrow money from her relatives and friends to continue to help the “boyfriend” in the network.


according to police statistics, from july 13, 2017 to january 25, 2018, paul fraudulently defrauded zheng’s rmb total 1.68 million yuan, including $113,200 transferred to 5 malaysian accounts, and 9.665 million yuan transferred to 9 domestic bank accounts.

a special police working group 

to search for suspects


after receiving the report of ms. zheng, the criminal investigation team of the nanxi branch of the yibin municipal public security bureau immediately began to freeze the account and began an investigation. as the largest cyber fraud case in the history of yibin police, the case attracted the attention of the public security bureau and set up a special working group.

according to the deputy director of the nanxi district bureau, the team tracked five domestic bank cards, which were linked to more than 100 bank accounts in beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, taizhou, zhejiang, chifeng, and inner mongolia. the police got the footage of the accounts and their owners withdrawing the money from the atm.

alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

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after three months of detailed investigations, the police confirmed the identity of three foreign suspects and 23 chinese suspects in taizhou, zhejiang, guangzhou, chifeng, and liaoning.

according to the head of the criminal police unit, the victims in the case were mostly middle-aged women with relatively good educational background, widows or divorce.

three foreigners were arrested!


initially, the mission was forced to operate on july 25 in guangdong, liaoning, zhejiang, inner mongolia, and beijing. throughout the operation, the police found bank cards and mobile phones and arrested three foreigners and 23 chinese suspects.


alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

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on the evening of july 28, all the suspects arrested were taken back to nanxi district of yibin city to the police station. among them, there are three foreign suspects; one is nigerian and the other two are liberians.

the suspect has recovered more than 400,000 yuan, and the case is still under investigation.

penny wise and pound foolish


john told reporters that in october 2017, he met two african “buddies” from liberia who provided a job to help him earn extra money.

his “work” involves using his bank account to receive funds and transfer them to the account. in return, he will receive a 10% commission on each transaction. john accepted the job, which was unconsciously illegal and would change his life.

“because one of them said that he was working in china, i thought it was to help “buddies” to do normal business capital flow.” in this way, john promised to help them.

foreign student 

faces huge troubles


not long after, they gradually transferred money to john’s bank card, and john also successfully received a commission of 30,000 yuan from two “buddies.”

however, to his surprise, the police suddenly came to his home of jinzhou, liaoning province on the 25th. they told him that he was involved in cyber fraud.

after that, john understood that the two african “buddies” were scammers who inadvertently helped them to launder money.

alert: foreigner arrested for sending money to others!

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“i confess that i have committed a crime, and i promise not to sin again. i am willing to pay back a commission of 30,000 yuan.”

john squinted and said, “the fraud is very bad. i hope other foreign students can be more careful and understand the local laws and regulations. don’t let yourself be a victim of being used by others.”

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according to chinese state media reports, 26 suspects (including 3 foreign suspects) were arrested in this fraud case, freezing 4.3 million yuan, a total of 6 cases combined in china, involving a total of 35 cases. moreover, the total amount involved is more than 10 million yuan.

police warns

don’t be engaged in illegal transactions. once your account is suspected to be in money laundering or used to foreign exchange transfer illegally, it will be frozen immediately.

what’s more, your account will also be implicated if something goes wrong when you help others (individuals or enterprises) transfer money by using your account without knowing the source or purpose of the money.

new rules simplify process: tax deregistration in china!

on september 18, china’s state administration of taxation (sat) issued the circular about further optimizing tax deregistration procedures for enterprises to further improve its business environment.

new rules simplify process: tax deregistration in china!

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the notice introduces tax clearance certificate exemption, optimizes the tax deregistration service, and simplifies the documentation required and procedure for tax deregistration.


tax clearance certificate 

exemption service


taxpayers who apply for the simplified deregistration process and meet one of the following circumstances will be exempted from tax clearance by the tax authorities:

  • those who have never handled tax-related matters with the tax bureau;

  • those who have handled tax-related matters, but have never applied to issue invoices, and have no outstanding tax (including overdue fine) and penalties.

these taxpayers can directly apply to the local branch of the state administration for market regulation (samr) for business deregistration, without getting a tax clearance certificate from the tax bureau in advance.

optimization of tax 

deregistration service


taxpayers who have applied for the general deregistration process with their local samr in charge will still need to go through the tax deregistration process. however, they can enjoy optimized service by meeting the following circumstances:

❶ taxpayers are under no tax investigation.

❷ taxpayers have no outstanding tax (including overdue fines) and other penalties.

❸ taxpayers have handed in the special vat invoices and vat invoices machine for cancelation.

❹ taxpayers are in one of the following situations:

  • taxpayers with class-a or class-b tax credit rating;

  • taxpayers with class-m tax credit rating whose parent company has a class-a tax credit rating;

  • enterprises whose founders are talents introduced by a provincial government or recognized by industrial associations above the provincial level;

  • individual businesses that are not included in the evaluation of tax credit rating and make regular tax payments of fixed amounts; and

  • taxpayers who have not reached the ‘vat payment threshold’ (see last section for more information).

these taxpayers enjoy a more efficient tax deregistration process, which could possibly be closed on site. besides, they can deal with relevant matters by making a “commitment”.

new rules simplify process: tax deregistration in china!

© image | 中国经济报

if there is information missing during the process of tax deregistration, these taxpayers can still enjoy the accelerated tax deregistration process and get the appropriate clearance documents by making a commitment of re-submitting the complete information required within a specified time limit.

if the commitment is not fulfilled, the tax authorities will categorize the applicant’s legal representatives and financial managers in class-d tax credit rating.

simplification of doc. & procedures


the tax bureaus will facilitate and optimize the tax deregistration process through the following measures:

simplify the information

taxpayers who have conducted real name authentication are exempted from providing tax registration certificates and personal identification documents.

open a special window 

a special service window for tax deregistration will be set up in the tax authorities and adjust the number of these windows according to the situation.


offer a ‘combo’ service

integrate the pre-approval items for tax deregistration, plus the service of acceptance at one window, internal circulation, completion of handling tax-related affairs within a prescribed time limit, and window delivery.


strengthen the ‘first asking duty system’ and ‘one-off notification’

when the taxpayer goes to the tax authorities to handle tax deregistration, the tax collector approached first is responsible for asking the situation, distinguishing the matters and complexity, classifying the relevant notice that needs to be handled, communication and counseling.


optimize internal work and duties

it is necessary to innovate working methods, simplify the process, have division of labor, achieve interconnectedness, and handle within a time limit.

what’s the vat 

payment threshold?


generally, individual taxpayers (excluding individually-owned businesses registered as general taxpayers) shall be exempted from vat where the sales amount has not reached the threshold, which is stipulated as follows:

  • the monthly sales amount is from rmb 5,000 to rmb 20,000 (both inclusive) in the case of tax payment at regular intervals; 

  • the sales amount per transaction (per day) is from rmb 300 to rmb 500 (both inclusive) in the case of tax payment for each transaction.

new rules simplify process: tax deregistration in china!

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to support the development of small and micro enterprises, the sat provides a preferential vat exemption policy valid until december 31, 2020. according to this policy:

  • vat small-scale taxpayers shall compute their sales separately for sale of goods or provision of processing, repair, and assembly services, and for sale of services and intangible assets; 

  • vat small-scale taxpayers will be exempted from vat where their monthly sales of goods or provision of processing, repair, and assembly services does not exceed rmb 30,000 (or rmb 90,000 for taxpayers who pay tax quarterly), and where monthly sales of services and intangible assets does not exceed rmb 30,000 (rmb 90,000 for taxpayers who pay tax quarterly), respectively.