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ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what’s up?

travel by flight is by no means a cheap way for selection, even though you buy economy class. but i bet that you never see flight tickets with such ultra-low price as below ones. 



a number of discounted flight tickets with surprisingly low prices were mistakenly offered on the website of china eastern airlines and some travel apps due to a “system maintenance” early saturday morning.

the shanghai-based carrier later announced all the tickets sold during the period were valid.


ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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travel enthusiasts found the ticket prices on china eastern’s app and its official website plummeting to the lowest of only 5 percent of their normal prices beginning around 1am.

a first-class ticket from shanghai to sanya, for instance, was sold at 120 yuan (us$17.3)  on the carrier’s app. normally, a one-way ticket from shanghai to the popular tourist destination in china’s south hainan island in december costs at least 2,700 yuan by china eastern.

a one-way ticket between shanghai and beijing was sold at 70 yuan, comparing with around 600 yuan in average for the busiest domestic route.

those initially found the “system bug” informed others through the internet, which led to a booking frenzy nationwide.

ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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a traveler surnamed ren said he was informed in a wechat group around 5am and soon booked three round-trip first-class tickets between shanghai and beijing for himself and family members for a trip planned in early december.

“i managed to save about a total of 10,000 yuan,” he said. another buyer claimed in the wechat group he bought 30 round-trip tickets, ren said. the ticket prices were restored to normal around 7am, according to ren.

china eastern released a statement around noon and announced all the tickets sold during its system maintenance early saturday morning were valid.



see? everyone dreams to buy cheap flight tickets because you can really save yourself a lot. but the question is–how? expats in china even find it is difficult to buy flight tickets, let alone knowing methods to get cheap or discounted flight tickets. 

ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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don’t feel frustrated about that, following tips are to help you buy relatively cheap air tickets 

tip 1

book flight tickets in advance


buying flight tickets in advance is usually the most common way to get tickets in low price. you’re suggested to schedule your trip months earlier, including your general budget of tickets and accommodation.

tip 2

avoid tourist seasons


the lowest price of flight tickets in the tourist season is usually more expensive than price in the off-season. generally speaking, in january to the beginning of march (except from chinese-new-year vacation), and november to the beginning of december, price is often at the lowest.

ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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next comes april to may, and september to october. during the middle of june to the beginning of september, the middle of december to the beginning of january, and the spring festival, air tickets are really expensive!


tip 3

use igola


if you intend to go on a trip urgently with no special plan for your trip, and all you care about is the cost, then you can book flight tickets on igola, an international online ticket booking platform. sign in igola, click on a link “when to go”, and then type in the place of departure and destination.

ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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after that, the website will select the best time for coming back as well as its ticket price. so you can easily find out the lowest price in lately several months.


tip 4

booking buddy


if you have a long-time planning before your trip, you can sign in bookingbuddy to get flight ticket coupons and timely price information. well, low-price tickets may be on sale at anytime! just pay more attention!

website: www.bookingbuddy. com

ultra-low price air tickets around chinese cities! what's up?

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tip 5

choose budget airlines


it is also known as lcc (low-cost carrier). it is different from traditional airlines which airfare includes baggage fees, catering fees, surcharge for seat choosing and insurance. in lcc, passengers make choice on whether they pay these extra fees, only ticket price and fuel tax are necessary. sounds really cheaper than the traditional one? but, you are not allowed to rebook your flight in lcc.

woman arrested for stealing from boyfriend’s wechat wallet

a woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing over 570,000 yuan (us$82,000) within seven months from her boyfriend’s wechat wallet, police said on thursday.

the suspect, surnamed tong, allegedly used her boyfriend’s phone to transfer money without his notice and covered the thefts by deleting wechat and sms notices from his phone.

the man, surnamed wang, received an sms message from his bank in september which reminded him that his balance was too low to pay his home loan.

wang reported the thefts to police in xuhui district after finding out that on september 3 alone he lost over 90,000 yuan from his wechat wallet, which enables money transfer directly from his bank card.

woman arrested for stealing from boyfriend's wechat wallet

money transfer records on tong’s phone from september

tong emerged as a top suspect because wang said she “mistakenly” took his phone to the bathroom when they were together on the evening on september 3.

tong was caught later that month and allegedly owned up to the thefts.

tong allegedly said wang told her the password to his wechat wallet once when he asked her to transfer some money to his business partner in march this year.

is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

you probably think it for granted that barking dogs are dangerous and cute and nicely-behaved ones are good dogs. however, most facts are not true. do not try to define a dog with your stereotyped thoughts, because dogs have their own likes and dislikes, their behaviors are varied in different situations. so, do you really know you dog? following are the ten myths that you misunderstand your dog, check these out. 

myth #1: 

dogs have a human appreciation of sharing

 humans can rationalize and appreciate the benefits of sharing. in contrast, among dogs, possession is ten-tenths of the law. so we should not take toys, bones and chews away from dogs unless we have trained them to accept this form of intervention.

myth #2: 

dogs  enjoy common human physical displays of affection


humans often show their affection for others by hugging and cuddling them. dogs simply do not have the limbs and joints to achieve this and so have not evolved to give each other a loving squeeze. when embraced by humans, many can find this uncomfortable or threatening. the same goes for patting dogs on the head.

is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

© image | baidu

myth #3: 

barking and growling dogs are  threatening or dangerous

these are distance-increasing behaviors. the dogs using these signals are chiefly trying to buy space so they can feel safer. all dogs, regardless of their temperament or training, can at times want more space. they usually try more subtle signalling first, but many dogs learn that subtle signals don’t work and go straight for shouting.

myth #4: 

dogs will welcome unfamiliar dogs to their home

dogs evolved from wolves and are therefore primed to defend what is theirs. they have an attachment to their home territory and the resources within it. dogs have no way of knowing that the dogs and human we invite around to our home, for example for a play-date, are ever going to leave. they can be forgiven for thinking that this is the way it is going to be from hereon.

so it is to be expected that they will often try to lay out the local ground-rules and put the new arrivals in their place.

is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

© image | baidu

myth #5: 

dogs like relaxing as much as humans do

we go to work and go to school, so we greatly value the opportunity to chill out at home and maybe watch tv. in contrast, dogs spend most of their time at home and so value exercise off the property far more than time spent on the sofa.

myth #6:

 an effusive dog is a friendly dog

“friendly” for one dog is not friendly for all dogs, and some dogs use excessive friendliness as a way to alleviate anxiety associated with meeting another dog or human.

owners of very friendly dogs may be surprised when every other dog does not cheerfully receive their dog. some dogs prefer sedate greetings, and lots of personal space.

is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

© image | baidu


myth #7: 

dogs approach when they want to engage playfully


sometimes owners are confused when a dog approaches a human or another dog in a friendly fashion and then growls or snaps at them.

these dogs may be motivated to approach chiefly to gain information, rather than to interact, and some may like strangers in principle, but nevertheless become anxious and overwhelmed all of a sudden.

if you are seeing this pattern, call your dog away from new dogs and humans after a couple of seconds.

myth #8: 

a big yard can replace walks


because dogs spend so much time at home in the yard, they often find the area a little too familiar and sometimes rather dull. the size of a yard is far less important to dogs than what happens in it.

dogs truly thrive on play with each other, with us and with toys. they particularly love to do so in a novel environment, so time spent out of the yard is the very best of fun.

is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

© image | baidu


myth #9: 

dogs are wilfully defiant when they don’t do as they are told


rather than deciding to disobey us, dogs sometimes simply can’t do what we ask them to. either they don’t actually know what we’re asking them to do, or they have much, much more pressing things to do at the time.

dogs are not great at generalizing, so just because they sit nicely when asked to in the kitchen when you have treats in your hand doesn’t mean they automatically know what “sit” means when they are at the off-leash dog park.

and while your dogs might know what “sit” means when being trained at home without distractions, asking them to do so when visitors are at the door.


is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

© image | baidu


myth #10: 

barking, snapping, or lunging is the first sign of an unhappy dog


dogs often give subtle signs they are becoming anxious, like avoiding eye contact with whatever is worrying them, licking lips, brow furrows, lifting a paw, tightening muscles in their face.


is your dog happy? ten common misconceptions about dog behavior

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if nothing is done to help these dogs move away from whatever is worrying them, these signs can often escalate to more troubling behavior that is more obvious, such as growling and snapping.


omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

on the evening of november 14th, the netizen “@花总丢了金箍棒” uploaded a video of a pinhole camera to expose the hygienic problems of many hotels in china, including the famous five stars hotels such as marriott, sheraton, shangri-la and hilton, even top hotels such as ritz carlton, bulgari, mandarin oriental, four seasons.

watch the video below

© video | weibo@花总丢了金箍棒

how is it possible for these five-star hotels to charge thousands of rmb per night, but are unable to provide basic sanitation of the rooms?

unspoken rules of the hotels

in this video, there are problems with the cleaning work of 14 high-end hotels. the room attendant didn’t sterilize the cups but used the dirty guest towel to scrubbed directly. it is common to scrub the hand basin, the cup and the toilet with the same used dirty towel as rag

omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

© image | 干货


the whistleblower stated that his purpose was to condemn the domestic hotel industry for failing to implement the relevant regulations of the hotel industry, leaving behind a potential health hazard. at present, 11 hotels have responded to the exposure, claiming to strengthen supervision.

“reality is far worse than what’s shown in the video.” in an interview with chinese media, @花总丢了金箍棒 exposed what he had done after investigation in more than 30 five-star hotels.

#list of 14 hotels exposed in the video

  • conrad, beijing

  • park hyatt, beijing

  • aman at summer palace, beijing

  • the peninsula beijing hotel, beijing

  • bvlgari hotel, shanghai

  • four seasons, shanghai

  • mandarin oriental, shanghai

  • le royal méridien, shanghai

  • the puli hotel, shanghai

  • the ritz-carlton, shanghai

  • waldorf astoria, shanghai on the bund

  • shangri-la, fuzhou

  • sheraton, guiyang

  • sheraton, nanchang

overseas hotels 

have similar problem

do not think that the hotel’s cleaning problem is unique to china. the united states and the united kingdom also have similar news, and some internationally renowned hotels also have been uncovered. problems exposed abroad have also been found in china. for example, some hotels do not change the used bed sheets for each guest. 


there was a test, foreign reporters used fluorescent agents to write on the quilt covers and sheets they had slept. after two days, they returned to live in the same room and used ultraviolet rays to check it. as soon as the lights were on, they found that the sheets had not been changed, and a few guests had already lived in that room. 

omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

american tv column “inside” reporters use fluorescent agents to mark hotel sheets.

omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

after a few days, they found that the sheets were not washed or changed.

omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

the candlewood inn & suites

how dirty is the sheet 

that has not been replaced?

according to the analysis, in fact, guests staying at the hotel do not have to worry too much about the bacterial colony on the hotel towels and sheets, because there are not as much bacterial colony as you imagine(the reasons are explained below), but there are a great deal of residues of industrial detergents


why? in order to look clean, the hotel used white towels and white sheets but these items are not resistant to dirt. so the usual practice is to send them to a special washing company.


omg! top hotels in china were exposed such dirty things!

© image | 深圳卫视


in order to save costs and achieve strong decontamination effect, the washing company generally uses inferior industrial detergent, which is strong acid or strong alkali. the effect achieved is to make the towels or the sheets “very white and clean.”

the whistleblower said that he only wanted to tell the truth and did not want to irritate anyone. when you go to the hotel next time, it is better to bring your own toothbrush and towel, and clean the cup with boiled water before using it. sleeping in t-shirts and underwear, don’t sleep naked. 🙂