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china offers visa on arrival to bangladeshis now!

bangladeshis can now enjoy visa on arrival in china, the chinese embassy in dhaka said in a statement issued yesterday.

china offers visa on arrival to bangladeshis now!

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the port entry can be availed for 

  • urgent humanitarian cause, 

  • business, 

  • repair work, 

  • tourism, 

  • other urgent needs.

for tourism purpose, bangladeshi tourists need to be organised to visit china as tourists by chinese travel agencies.

for business purpose, repair work or other urgent needs as stated, there has to be an invitation from the chinese party.

china offers visa on arrival to bangladeshis now!

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spokesman of the chinese embassy, chen wei, said the port visa system is available to foreigners, including bangladeshi citizens.

the port visa system does not impose restrictions on specific countries, but only makes requirements for entry purposes.

the duration of stay for port visas are up to 30 days.

bangladeshi citizens who are qualified and able to provide relevant supporting documents can apply for port visas at relevant chinese ports.

china offers visa on arrival to bangladeshis now!

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according to the chinese embassy, the number of bangladeshi visitors to china is increasing each year. in 2016, the number of visitors was 39,055 and it stood at 47,430 in 2017. as of now, the number of bangladeshi visitors has already crossed 50,000.

meanwhile, chinese embassy officials said the introduction of visa on arrival will bring a positive impact and greatly help people who need to visit china urgently.

they said beijing is giving dhaka a “higher priority” in its diplomatic policies.

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

china and australia are to implement a comprehensive zero tariff policy!

from january 1, 2019, all tariffs on chinese goods entering australia will be canceled.

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

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at present, china’s main products imported from australia are:

  • iron ore, 

  • coal, 

  • natural gas, 

  • wool, 

  • barley, 

  • wheat, 

  • etc.

china’s main exports to australia are:

  • computers, 

  • communication electronics, 

  • home appliances, 

  • toys, 

  • sporting goods, 

  • clothing, 

  • furniture.

msc new falcon route update

msc new falcon middle east route has ushered in a major optimization update. from now on, the transportation time of goods from the far east to qatar’s hamad port will be shortened on the original basis, nearly 7 days less than before

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

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liberia to setup cargo tracking 

system at all seaports of entry

recently, the national port authority of liberia (npa) of liberia announced that on november 15, 2018 (the date of the shipped on board in bill of lading), all shipments to the port of monrovia in liberia (monrovia) or via this port to guinea from other destinations must apply to the liberian official for a ctn number.

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

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and the number must be displayed under the name of the bill of lading. if there is no such number, the shipping company may perform the detention process. if ctn number is not provided in the manifest of the imported goods, the cargo may be detained, the ship will be asked to send back or will not be allowed to rely on the port.

new regulations of 

the chinese customs

in order to optimize the business environment and further reduce the cost of customs clearance for enterprises, the general administration of customs has decided to fully promote the printing reform from november 19, 2018. 

good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

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import and export enterprises and units may, after paying taxes by means of customs electronic payment, you can… 

• download the electronic “customs-specific payments” through the “internet customs” integrated online service platform or the international trade “single window” standard version; 

• print “customs-specific payment book” at the scene of the customs.

new regulations for 

canadian export ports

recently, canadian ports have introduced new regulations: 

if the bill of lading for seaborne exports is ebl (express bill of lading) or swb (sea waybill), once the container is released by customs and shipping companies, the canadian port will also have the right to hand over the container to any cargo owner on the bill of lading even if there is no cargo owner or agent in canada under the authorization!

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good news! 0 tariff between china and australia!

reference: 搜航网/中国海关/msc

dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

few people don’t know the international luxury brand dolce & gabbana(d&g), its classically created logo always reminds people of the most fashionable design styles for clothes, bag and watch. 

dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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stupid is as stupid does


yesterday (nov 21st) d&g managed to achieved itself the hottest hastag on chinese sina weibo for several hours. but far from doing itself a favor in promoting the brand’s fame, that heatedly discussed hastag disgraced its world-wide reputation, triggered chinese people’s boycott to this brand and put itself in the center of whole-china’s fury. 

so what happened? the real culprits behind all these were the racist remarks from d&g’s designer stefano gabbana and an insulting ad video made by this brand.

this video, posted on d&g’s official sina weibo account , was made by d&g to warm up its big stage show organized and scheduled to start on today in shanghai. 

in the video, an eastern woman wearing an eye-catching red d&g-designed clothes is eating italy foods with chopsticks. people see nothings wrong when they watch the video at first sight.  

but what caught chinese netizens’ attention was the video’s narrations, in which the male narrator speaks arrogantly, pronounces the italy word “bravissimo” in chinese accent purposely and uses improper expressions like describing chinese chopsticks as “little sticks”. 

most netizens in sina weibo, after watching this video, thought the narrations in the video insulted traditional chinese culture. 

dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

and that was not the end for this incident. one chinese user exposed several dialogues with the brand’s designer and co-founder stefano gabbana, making the situation worse. based on screenshots posted by the online user, the designer used expletives to describe china, and expressed his determination he would never cancel the offending post. 

dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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the designer’s offensive and racist remarks instantly went viral on sina weibo, many chinese celebrities including the international super star zhang ziyi and li bingbing announced their decisions not to attend d&g’s stage show in shanghai after knowing the china-insulting incident. 


and celebrities’ boycott to the show scheduled on nov 21sth directly leaded to the cancellation of it. it is reported that the construction fee for the stage of the show and fees for other preparation works surpass 8 million rmb(about 1155,268usd). what a waste, right?


dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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realizing the incident kept brewing negatively in china, d&g later claimed on its official sina weibo account that the the designer’s instagram account was hacked and the racism remarks were not made by him.

very soon, the designer himself also updated his post on instagram by saying that he loves china and apologizes for the whole incident. most chinese netizens did not believe what the designer said, the huge contrast of the designer’s words makes the apology unconvincing and chinese people don’t buy it. 


dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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what a pity, thousands of people including models and work staffs worked so hard to present the world a great show but it was totally ruined by the designer’s stupidity on his remarks. shame on him. 

the latest news today says that many chinese online shopping portals including t-mall and have already delisted d&g products from their online shelves. it seems that the incident is far from be resolved and d&g at this moment should know that chinese people are really pissed off. 

dead & gone! d&g will pay for it!

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respect helps your business grow better 

there is a wise chinese saying concerning business-doing goes like this: “harmonious relations help make business prosperous” (和气生财). this is a motto has been kept in heart and mind by generation after generations chinese businessmen, and it is also applicable for any business and is especially true for contemporary business activities. 

respect gains respect.


when expats try to settle down or want to start a business in a foreign country, three things should always be kept tight in mind–they are: be respectful, be modest, build a harmonious relations with things and people around you. 

you may have already known it well that the chinese society is a “关系社会” or “connection society”. chinese people value their social connections a lot. and this society’s feature is heavily reflected in business circles. 


if you spend much effort in building good relations with the things and people around you, you should free yourself the worries like current small-scale or limited applicable business sources, because your chinese friends and customers will help you a lot in promoting your company’s reputation. and that is the invisible asset for your company. 


however, if you do the opposite like d&g who is so two-sided, making money from chinese and showing no respect to them, your business will not go very far because powerful strength generated from the aligned social connections will make your business less progress or even hard to continue. 

“stupid is as stupid does”. 


some chinese internet user revise “d&g” for “dead & gone” or “damn you & go home”, chinese people’s anger will make d&g pay and the brand should learn a lesson from this.