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wechat to ban “drift bottle” feature due to porn!

china’s censors continue to knock on the doors of the country’s internet giants amid a broad-based push to crack down on illicit activities and inappropriate content, forcing many companies to regulate their own platforms more tightly.

in the latest instance, tencent holdings has decided to take down its “drift bottle” feature, a long-running function on its ubiquitous social networking platform wechat that enables users to leave text or voice messages for random strangers to pick up.

wechat to ban

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“through user complaints and media reports, we find there are still some cases which take advantage of the feature to disseminate pornography and solicit prostitutes,” tencent said in a statement posted on its official account on friday, adding that the wechat team has moved to halt the function.

“we have been working hard to create a healthy and safe online environment and remind our users to keep up their vigilance and report any pornographic materials, erotic texts or harassment,” it added.

the decision comes after baidu was fined 600,000 yuan (us$86,400) for publishing advertisements that contain pornography, gambling, superstition and violence, according to a report by the online edition of the people’s daily over the weekend.

the haidian district of the industrial and commercial administration of beijing also demanded that baidu hand over 26,000 yuan in revenue from three “superstitious” ads the search engine ran on its platform. the ads contained phrases such as “decoding one’s full-year destiny through the chinese zodiac” and “mojos that can bring happiness, luck and fortune”.

wechat to ban

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baidu did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on monday while a tencent spokesman said the company had no additional comment beyond the statement.

the chinese authorities have been on a drive to clean up the country’s online environment over the past few years, urging more prudence over ads and real-time monitoring of content. the industry-wide clampdown led to the shutdown of 9,800 social media accounts on platforms including wechat, microblogging site weibo, baidu, news aggregator jinri toutiao and others in the three weeks since late october.

wechat to ban

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the cyberspace administration of china said last month that tightened management of internet content producers would be a “new norm” for the internet watchdog. the authority has summoned the operators of 10 content platforms to conduct clean-ups of their own services to remove vulgar content, rumours and fake accounts.

last month, bytedance, which runs jinri toutiao, was ordered to pay a fine of 3.7 million yuan for publishing illegal medical ads. this came after an earlier 700,000 yuan fine imposed in march when it was criticised by the people’s daily and china central television for running ads seen as misleading and harmful to the public.

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

from 2019, there will be four policies on driving licenses, each of which is really good news. now let’s have a look!

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

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can drive more models of cars 

with c1 driving license


in the past, c1 driving licenses were only able to drive compact cars. if you want to drive a large vehicle, you must obtain other types of driving licenses. after the launch of the new policies, the you can drive more types of cars with c1 driving license!

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

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according to the “regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driving licenses”, the driving range of the c1 driving license are:

  • small and micro passenger cars with a total weight of less than 4.5 tons;

  • lightweight and mini-loading vehicles/trucks with a length of 6 meters or less;

  • the number of passengers in a car is less than or equal to 9. that is, you can’t drive a car with 9 seats or more, such as some suv and mpv models with more than 9 seats.;

  • light, small, micro special operation vehicles.


in addition to the above models, the c1 driving license can also drive the c2, c3, c4 quasi driving type now.

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

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  • c2 refers to the “small automatic car”, which is what we often call the automatic car.

  • c3 refers to “low-speed trucks”, such as agricultural vehicles, with a maximum speed of less than or equal to 70km/h, a maximum total mass of less than or equal to 4.5 tons, and a body length of less than or equal to 6 meters.

  • c4 refers to “three-wheeled vehicles”, three-wheeled vehicles are not equal to three-wheeled motorcycles.

can get extra points in these way


since the chinese driving license runs on a point system that each driver has 12 points in total per year. but the owner can “add points” to his driving license as follows:


your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!© image | wechat

1. no violation record

if the owner does not violate the rules in a scoring cycle, he/she can add another 3 points on the basis of the original 12 points.


2.“traffic knowledge quizzes”

the transportation departments of some cities have launched quizzes about traffic regulations and driving safety on their official website. the owner can get the bonus points up to 6 points by answering the corresponding questions.


3. report traffic violation

the transportation department supports the general public to participate in reporting violations. as long as the content of the report is true and effective, the reporter can obtain the corresponding bonus points after verification.

driving license for life


beginning next year, the driving license policy of lifelong system must meet the following conditions:

  • after two renewal cycles, you can apply for a permanent license the third time;

  • no violation of 12 points is recorded within the scoring period.

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

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the driving application for the first motor vehicle driving license is valid for 6 years, and can be applied for renewal within 90 days before the expiration. for example, the effective date on the motor vehicle driving license is until to august 8, 2020, then you need to apply for a driving license within 90 days before august 8, 2020.

if it is not renewed in time, it can be reissued by the traffic control office. however, do not drive a vehicle with expired driving license. once investigated, it will be punished with a maximum of 2,000 yuan and 15 days of detention.

the age for obtaining 

driving license is relaxed

nowadays, it is very inconvenient for older people to travel without being able to drive a car. some old people bought old scooters, but these scooters have many safety hazards.

your driving license will get a major upgrade soon!

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the age limit for c1 driving licenses has also been adjusted since next year. it used to be that  the elderly can’t drive after 65 years old. now the age limit has been raised to 70 years old, but remember to submit a medical report every year.

chinese government has continuously introduced new regulations, some of which are more stringent, and some policies are indeed good news. no matter how the future policies change, the fundamental starting point is to strengthen traffic management and ensure the safety of everyone’s travel!

this female criminal went viral for her face!

a female suspect on the run from police in southwest china has been dubbed the country’s most beautiful criminal after her mugshot went viral on social media. a wanted poster for qingchen jingjing, was released by police in the city of mianyang in sichuan province last tuesday.

this female criminal went viral for her face!

© image | 楚天都市报

she is accused of being part of a criminal gang that scammed money out of customers in bars and tea-houses, according to the notice posted on weibo. her age and occupation have not been confirmed although a former work colleague suggested she was aged around 19.

this female criminal went viral for her face!

© image | weibo

two members of the seven-person gang have surrendered since then but qingchen was still missing, according to a police source quoted in the beijing news on sunday. but recently, the most beautiful criminal turned himself in.

police started investigating the gang when a man complained he had been scammed out of thousands of yuan – a sum worth hundreds of us dollars – at a bar in the city’s science and technology district.

police later concluded that the gang had been operating for at least half a year and targeted drunk people. after qingchen’s photo went viral, the police weibo account said: “being beautiful is not your problem, but using your looks to commit illegal crimes is not right.”

a person who claimed to be a former high school classmate of qingchen said that other students called her the “classroom beauty” and she was popular with boys.

another person who claimed to be a former colleague of hers at a “listed company” said that qingchen was extroverted and proud of her appearance.


this female criminal went viral for her face!

© image | weibo

this female criminal went viral for her face!

© image | weibo


this female criminal went viral for her face!

© image | weibo


“she was born in 1999, and a few older colleagues thought she was an ignorant child,” the colleague told news site

“when she left her job she said that she was travelling abroad with her boyfriend.”

weibo users were quick to offer their own comments on her appearance.

“she could earn much more being a livestreamer than a bar scammer. being a scammer is very hard work,” read one top-rated comment on weibo.

“this is probably the one person in all of china who least wants their photo to go viral,” said another.

qingchen’s possibly unwanted brush with fame, mirrors that of jeremy meeks – arguably the best-known “hot criminal” in the world.

meeks, a former member of california’s notorious crips gang, was arrested by california police in 2014 for gun possession and theft.

his mugshot went viral after it was posted by police on facebook, and meeks ended up with a lucrative modelling career after his release in 2016.

notice! have you received this message from bank recently?

many of our friends have received a message from banks as below these days, worryingly, they asked hacos, ‘what is this all about’? well, let’s figure it out!

notice! have you received this message from bank recently?


#1 what is a tax resident in china?

the definition for this term may vary from country to country, but mostly, an individual can qualify to be treated as a tax resident either under a qualitative or quantitative standard. china is not an exception.

a prc tax resident refers to individuals who have domicile in the prc, or who have resided for one year(365days) or more in the prc, whereas, an individual can be deemed to be non-tax resident in china if he/she travels outside of china for a single trip over 30days, or combined trips over 90days in a tax year.

notice! have you received this message from bank recently?

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according to the regulation on the implementation of the individual income tax law of the people’s republic of china and the levy of individual income tax, a tax resident in china shall pay individual income tax on all their income, no matter their income derived within the territory of china or outside china.



#2 why there is such a message?


well, china has entered the (crs) common reporting standard, a system was intended to transfer all relevant information automatically and systematically, this message is intended to inform all the accounts holders report their tax information spontaneously to the banks.



#3 how do we deal with it?


easy! if you are a tax resident in china(30 days, 90days rule), report the individual income no matter derived within or outside china to china tax government. if you are a non-tax resident, forget it, well, it is according to the law.



#4 are you a tax resident?


ell, many of you may have this question, what if i tell the truth that i am a tax resident in china, what time and how would china tax bureau levy the tax from me. 


notice! have you received this message from bank recently?

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to be honest, it is an obligation to pay tax voluntarily everywhere in this world, it is a matter of time to get all things to the right direction. so, let’s get started before it’s too late.