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china toughens punishment for ip infringements

dozens of chinese government agencies signed on tuesday a memorandum of cooperation for joint efforts to strengthen punishment for intellectual property infringements.

dishonest conduct from individuals or enterprises such as repeated patent infringements and falsification of documents during patent applications will be subject to joint punishment, according to the memorandum posted on the website of the national development and reform commission (ndrc).

the violators will be put on a blacklist, which will be shared among the government agencies for enforcement and made public on

these wrongdoers will find it harder to get financial support from the government, participate in government procurement, issue corporate bonds and acquire government land supply, according to the memorandum.

this is the country’s latest step in strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights as the country values entrepreneurship and innovation as new drivers of development.

a total of 38 government agencies including the ndrc, the people’s bank of china and the national intellectual property administration signed the memorandum.

with china slowly reaping progress from its implementation of property right measures, officials say they will further strengthen management and monitoring efforts as the number of patents continues to rise.

officials said the number of patent applications in china has risen in the last decade, and the government is looking to improve intellectual property (ip) protection for businesses operating in china and abroad.

source(s): xinhua news agency

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

in the eyes of most people, pedestrians are the “vulnerable groups” in road traffic accidents, and other parties should bear primary or secondary responsibilities for accidents involving pedestrians. 

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

© image | 江苏广电融媒体新闻中心

however, in a recent traffic accident in zhongshan, guangdong province, a pedestrian was sentenced and fined 200,000 yuan for crossing the road and playing mobile phone.

how did this happen?

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

© image | weibo

at about 8 pm on may 27, 2017, a woman surnamed hu was crossing a road at a red light when she collided with a motorcycle heading straight ahead.

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

© image | weibo

according to the monitoring video at the time: when hu was running the red light, she had been looking down at the phone!

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

© image | weibo

when she found out that the motorcycle was coming, she tried to speed up to escape, but ultimately failed to avoid the tragedy. hu was knocked down, and the motorcycle driver and the passenger zhang also slipped to the ground. zhang eventually died due to ineffective rescue.

after the trial, the first court of zhongshan city sentenced the pedestrian hu to 10 months in prison and suspended for 1 year. at the same time, hu and the family of the victim reached a settlement and compensated the victim’s family for 200,000 yuan.

why was this pedestrian responsible for the main responsibility and criminal responsibility in the incident?

woman fined ¥200,000 for playing phone when cross the road!

© image | 江苏广电融媒体新闻中心


xie yujuan, a lawyer at a law firm in jiangsu, explained that hu did not cross the road in accordance with the traffic signal, and that the use of mobile phone in the process was the main cause of the accident. according to relevant regulations, non-traffic personnel can also become the criminal subject of traffic accidents.

street survey: 

30 people run a red light in 10 mins

in real life, the phenomenon of pedestrians running red lights is not uncommon. some reporters observed at the intersection that in just 10 minutes, more than 30 people ran a red light. what’s more, it’s very dangerous that many of them were rushing through red lights on electric bikes or bicycles.

lawyers said that in daily life, pedestrians ignore the rules for various reasons or regard themselves as a vulnerable group. she hopes that this case will cause pedestrians, especially the phubbers, to pay more attention to traffic safety.

ethiopian forced to a stop at finish line! marathon drama!

a race marshal is under fire after he forced an ethiopian runner to an abrupt stop soon after he crossed the finish line in first place at a marathon in southern china over the weekend.

ethiopian forced to a stop at finish line! marathon drama!

© image | scmp


the official grabbed the arm of professional athlete gelgelo tona outoya as he was still jogging after winning the nanning international marathon in guangxi on sunday – causing the runner to collapse on the ground.

the incident, broadcast live on state television, has caused uproar, with many viewers criticising the marshal for putting outoya’s health at risk as he tried to cool down from the long-distance race.

ethiopian forced to a stop at finish line! marathon drama!

© image | 澎湃新闻


it came two weeks after a chinese runner controversially lost to an ethiopian rival after a marshal ran in front of her and pressed a national flag into her hand as she was sprinting towards the finish line at a marathon in suzhou, jiangsu province.

the marshal involved in the latest incident said he was just trying to support outoya so that he did not fall over, an official from the nanning sports bureau told beijing youth daily on tuesday.

“the runner seemed to be slightly confused after he crossed the line and he kept running towards the photo area – so the marshal grabbed him to try to stop him from running into [other people],” the official told the state-controlled newspaper, which did not name him or the marshal.

the official also denied an accusation that the marshal had been trying to steer the athlete towards an event banner for a photo, saying there were no photographs or other ceremonies held for the runners after the race.

footage from the china central television broadcast shows an official grabbing outoya by the arm to stop him, causing the runner to slump on the ground in an area where other race staff were gathered.

ethiopian forced to a stop at finish line! marathon drama!

© image | scmp

the chinese athletic association had moved to address concerns about the behaviour of event staff after the suzhou incident. days before the nanning race, the association said it would make sure competitors could take part in marathons without interference from officials. 


any ceremonies or activities held during races should not get in the way of fair competition, the association told organisers at a meeting last week.

outoya is not the first runner to find himself unexpectedly on the ground after a race in china. in 2015, jamaican sprinter usain bolt had just won the 200-metre title at the world athletics championships in beijing when he was wiped out by a cameraman who lost control of his segway. bolt was soon back on his feet and laughing about the incident.

a great deal of accounts to be closed by the end of dec!

in recent years, as the national anti-money laundering and crs have become stricter and stricter, many offshore accounts have been suspended and closed. many offshore accounts of businessmen who do foreign trade in china have also been affected. 

a great deal of accounts to be closed by the end of dec!

© image | google

it is expected that more than 

10,000 accounts will be closed

recently, it was reported that due to the illegal operation of a large number of hang seng bank accounts, the senior superintendent of hong kong has been involved in the investigation and will thoroughly check the non-compliant accounts and information.

a great deal of accounts to be closed by the end of dec!

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therefore, a large number of hang seng bank account holders will receive a hang seng bank survey or check letter, and may also notify the company of the request to replace the annual audit information by email.

under this circumstance, enterprises need to check the e-mail regularly. once they receive such mail, please prepare the information in advance and actively cooperate with the bank’s strict review to avoid bank accounts being shut down.

the bank has disclosed that at the end of december this year, it is expected that more than 10,000 accounts will be closed. because no one can predict whether their account will be closed, hacos warmly reminds you that please carefully maintain your bank accounts and prepare emergency plans in advance.

a great deal of accounts to be closed by the end of dec!

© image | google


in addition, in order to avoid the impact of the temporary closure of the account and affect the development of your company, it is recommended that companies can consider opening another bank accounts to ensure the finance transactions of the international trade.

six steps to maintain the account

 (suitable for all banks)

  • please log in to online banking frequently (at least 1-2 times a month)

  • there are multiple transactions within three months (at least 3-5 times)

  • always keep accounts with 50,000 hkd or more deposits

  • don’t make the fund in and out quickly (for example: 100,000 yuan in the account and transfer on the same day or the next day).

  • do not help others to collect or settle foreign exchange

  • be careful not to receive payment from sensitive countries


when the bank monitors the account, it will focus on 

  • whether the account has large funds in and out, 

  • whether the fund in the accounts is in and out quickly, 

  • whether there is any money exchange with the countries with high rates of money laundering.