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the arrest of huawei’s cfo rages a war between three countries!

you may have heard the news that chinese telecom equipment giant huawei’s chief financial officer sabrina meng wanzhou was detained in vancouver at the request of the us government.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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2017 china’s most 

outstanding businesswomen


ms meng joined huawei in 1993 and held various positions in the company’s finance departments. she is currently one of the board of directors’ deputy chairpersons and the company’s chief financial officer.

on february 6, 2017, forbes released the “2017 china’s most outstanding businesswomen list” on which she ranked eighth. now, she is in charge of huawei’s nearly rmb 700 billion worth of financial affairs!

why was she detained?

chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that both the us and canadian authorities had yet to clarify their reason for arresting meng, who is also one of huawei’s deputy chairpersons and a daughter of its founder and chief executive ren zhengfei.

her arrest in vancouver raises more doubts about a 90-day truce on trade struck between presidents donald trump and xi jinping on december 1, the day she was detained.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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chinese commerce ministry deflected questions that tied huawei’s crisis to the us-china trade war.

meng was tipped by some mainland chinese media as a leading contender to succeed her father ren zhengfei at the helm of the telecom giant. she was arrested because she attempted to evade the trade embargo placed by the us on iran, the globe and mail reported, citing a canadian source with knowledge of the arrest. no other details were available.

huawei officials quickly 

issued a statement


in a statement, huawei acknowledged the detention and extradition request by the us government.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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“recently, our corporate cfo, ms meng wanzhou, was provisionally detained by the canadian authorities on behalf of the united states of america, which seeks the extradition of ms meng wanzhou to face unspecified charges in the eastern district of new york, while she was transferring flights in canada.”

“the company has been provided very little information regarding the charges and is not aware of any wrongdoing by ms meng. the company believes the canadian and us legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion,” huawei said.

“huawei complies with all applicable laws and regulations where it operates, including applicable export control and sanction laws and regulations of the un, us and eu,” the company said.

the reason behind 

the arrest of ms. meng

many media have pointed out that this time of arresting is very sensitive since just two days ago, china and the united states reached a new trade agreement, and the economic relations between the two countries have eased. at this juncture, the united states has released hostile signals to chinese companies.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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the root cause is that china’s fast-growing chinese electronics companies such as zte and huawei have reached a top level in many technologies and will break the western technology monopoly on electronic products. because of this, chinese technology companies have always been the most serious threat to the us government.

in 2016, zte was accused by the us government of selling products such as mobile phones with us restricted technology to countries that were sanctioned by the united states, such as iran and north korea, and was banned by the us government. zte finally accepted a fine of 1.19 billion to continue its business in the united states.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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this year, bloomberg issued an article saying that all the hardware facilities produced in china have their own spy devices smaller than rice grains, and they are calling on the world not to buy chinese electronic products. it was later confirmed to be fake news.

many people may not know that huawei’s most powerful place is not a mobile phone, but it is the world’s largest supplier of communication equipment. the infrastructure of most communication technologies in the world, such as base stations and servers, cannot be separated from huawei products.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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huawei has reached the global leading level in the next-generation communication technology, 5g communication. in the near future, most mobile phones in the world will use huawei’s high-speed mobile network.

many mobile companies in western countries have signed cooperation agreements with huawei to build 5g base stations. chinese technology is about to become a unicorn in the global market.

the arrest of huawei's cfo rages a war between three countries!

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however, the united states stalked from it and banned the import of huawei’s communication equipment on the grounds of national security. it also forced its allies to cancel cooperation with huawei.


a crisis between three countries

 if meng were extradited!

wenran jiang, a senior fellow at the institute of asian research at the university of british columbia, said the chinese would interpret the arrest as a planned conspiracy to do damage.

“she was in transit though vancouver,” he said. “that means the intelligence agencies in canada and the us were tracking her and planning to arrest her for some time.”

he foresaw a crisis in relations between the three countries if meng were extradited, and said any talk of a free-trade agreement between canada and china would end.

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99% visa refusal in these cases! please pay attention!

if you still think that applying for the visa is just to submit the application, prepare the materials and pay the visa fee, it’s sorry to tell you: your thoughts are time to change. 

first of all, the visa issuance rate is not 100% in all countries, which means that you are probably rejected after applying for a visa. so why? 

99% visa refusal in these cases! please pay attention!

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generally, the consulate will not give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the visa being rejected. even if the refusal letter only lists a few fixed terms, it will not tell you which one or several terms you do not match.

based on years of experience, we have summarized the several reasons for you.

unclear aim

the government suspects that the applicants have a tendency of illegal and labor immigration, or be engaged in activities inconsistent with visa information. someone may endanger china’s national security or interests, or disrupt social and public order, or engage in other illegal or criminal activities. 

99% visa refusal in these cases! please pay attention!

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for example

for example, when reviewing the purpose of the trip, the government finds that you are not travelling according to the purpose of the travel you are applying for, but for other purposes or to take a tourist visa to visit the exhibition or negotiate business.

unreal personal information

before processing visas, the officers of embassy will verify whether your information is real or not. if there is something untrue or inaccurate, you will be likely to be rejected a visa application! 


try not to make fake information, or you will be found out, 99%!

inadequate materials

before visa application , you should be clear about the written requirements of the embassy. in addition, there might be some extra supporting document you need to hand in. if you fail to submit relevant information required by the visa-issuing authorities, you will fail to get  a visa.


be well-prepared in case of being rejected because of inadequate materials!

ineligible for getting a visa

good family relationship, social background, economic capability and departure records are significant to get a visa.


99% visa refusal in these cases! please pay attention!

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if you are in a poor economic condition, which cannot guarantee your overseas expenses, or if you had been rejected and there had been a “stamp for visa refusal” on your passport, you will also fail to get a visa!

physical / mental illness

visa will not be granted to patients with severe mental disorders, infectious tuberculosis, or other infectious diseases that may cause significant harm to public health.

other reasons

if you give a reply in a vague, uncertain, or ill-mannered way that is inconsistent with your submitted materials when the officer of embassy makes a phone verification to you, you will get into visa-refusal trouble!


well, it is really annoying to be rejected a visa! but don’t worry, you can click the link below to find a more efficient way to get your visa.

if there is any difficulty in visa applying, welcome to leave your messages below and contact hacos!

a cctv camera in the restroom? are you kidding?!

recently, chinese netizens debated whether educational institutions should install surveillance cameras in the restrooms, with a sign saying: 

“please pay attention that you have entered a cctv area.” 

a cctv camera in the restroom? are you kidding?!

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an article published online on monday has attracted huge number of different views. a father surnamed wang, lived in xi’an, shanxi province, in northwestern china, said that a cctv camera was used to monitor the behavior of restrooms of an education institution where his son came to study every weekend.

according to the chinese business view, mr. wang said that although each stall has a partition door, he is very uncomfortable with the camera there. however, he had to use the restroom despite it being unacceptable for him.

a cctv camera in the restroom? are you kidding?!

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a staff member of the institution told the media this restroom with cameras are unisex and open to all students, parents and teachers, men and women.

two reasons explained by the staff

firstly, according to the staff of the educational institution, the camera helps to monitor people who might be smoking there, which is forbidden. before using the camera, the staff found a cigarette butt there but no one smoked in the restrooms after the camera installed.

secondly, it can be used to prevent students from being bullied and to protect their safety.

a cctv camera in the restroom? are you kidding?!

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in response to those who believe that the camera violates privacy, the staff said that the camera is fixed and that when the door is closed, it cannot take pictures of people behind the partition door.

after installing the camera, the organization posted a compelling notice to inform the students.

lawyers have different views

wang yi, a lawyer at a law firm in beijing, said the cctv camera in the bathroom is operated illegally. the organization has no right to collect images and videos and violates privacy rights.

however, zhang wei, a lawyer at a law firm in shanxi, believed that it is legal to install a cctv camera because the bathroom is to some extent a public place. he added that the partition door protects the person being monitored while using the toilet and therefore does not invade privacy.

a cctv camera in the restroom? are you kidding?!

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increasing use of surveillance cameras has sparked debate about how to regulate their use and how to ensure citizen privacy.

one of the online user said that if the educational institution installed a cctv camera in the restroom is reasonable, why can’t the hotel install a cctv camera in the bathroom? he said the institution’s statement sounded ridiculous.