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china’s six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

on january 1, 2019 the individual income tax (iit) law changes came into effect in china. the revisions have an impact on the taxation of expats, thus, posing a question of how china will continue to attract foreigners around the world. 

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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below, we explain the biggest changes and address the main concerns for foreign nationals with the new iit law.

more equality

on august 31, 2018 the standing committee of the national people’s congress launched the new iit law. the changes are a big step in allowing foreigners who are residents and local taxpayers to enjoy the same tax treatment on a special deductions claim. 

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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in addition, the tax law for foreign individuals now aligns more with international standards. also, new anti-avoidance rules are applied while the government and third parties, such as banks, are now given a wider legal basis to investigate suspected cases of tax evasion under special circumstances, according to a briefing on the new iit law released by pwc on october 30.

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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last but not least, the new iit law further closes the gap between higher-income and lower-income earners, which the legislators hope will boost domestic consumption power, the chinese news site reported on june 20, 2018.

tax residency

the most prominent change is that expats living in china for more than 183 days a year are now considered a tax resident and have to pay chinese taxes on their worldwide income, a threshold commonly adopted by many countries, such as:

  • the us, 

  • the uk, 

  • australia, 

  • france

  • new zealand.


the new 183-day rule reduces the amount of time one has to spend in china to be considered a tax resident.

however, in practice, most expats will continue to pay taxes only for their income generated in china. the new law replaces the previous “five-year rule” with the “six-year rule.” 

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

following the rule, only foreign taxpayers who have resided 183 days or more in china for six consecutive years are subject to iit on their worldwide income, starting from the seventh year if they continue to stay for 183 days or more. 

if they leave china for more than 30 consecutive days during any time of this six-year period and complete the record filing with the tax bureau in charge, they are taxed on china-sourced income only and able to “reset the clock” of the six-year period.

taxation brackets

standard monthly deduction from taxable income starts at salaries of 5,000 yuan ($730) for all taxpayers in china under the new law, or 60,000 yuan a year. no taxes have to be paid if monthly income is less than 5,000 yuan. for higher incomes, china keeps their seven-point progressive taxation scale, but broadens tax brackets for employees making up to 35,000 yuan a month. 

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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this means good news for lower income earners. for example, monthly income between 12,000 and 25,000 yuan is now taxed at the rate of 20 percent instead of 25 percent. 

considering the average monthly salary of expats, however, a majority of them make over 25,000 yuan a month and can therefore be subject to up to a 45 percent taxation rate. what makes this scenario more likely is the new consolidation income that incorporates diverse income sources such as royalties, personal service income and manuscript income into consolidated taxable income instead of falling under the previous flat rate taxation of 20 percent, according to an online article by, a trade association for talent management in the mobility industry.

“at 45 percent, china has one of the highest tax rates on upper-income earners,a threshold that makes it harder for the country to become attractive for skilled international talent,” international investment, a british finance new site reported.

in comparison, singapore’s highest rate is capped at 22 percent, while switzerland’s highest personal income tax rate is expected to reach 40 percent by the end of 2019.

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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before the revision of the new iit law, employees could enjoy a preferential iit calculation method to their annual bonus, according to an online article by china professionals consulting, a leading service provider for professionals in china. according to the latest circular, bonuses will count as personal income after a transition period of three years.

non-taxables and deductibles

at the same time, the new tax code will add new deduction items to all tax residents including expats. together with the increase of a standard monthly deduction, this new directive will increase the deductible amounts claimed by taxpayers.

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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under the previous law, special non-taxable items were available to expats, namely rental, childrens’ education, language training, home leave, moving and relocation expenses, meals and laundry. these items will remain non-taxable during a transition period until 2021, before some of them could be uplifted. in the meantime, expats that are a tax resident could choose to claim the new deduction items instead.

“it’s unsure if they will be replaced by new deductions that apply exclusively to foreign individuals.” children’s education, rental expense/residential mortgage interest and continuing education will remain deductible under the new scheme.

“for high-income earners, they can enjoy the greatest tax savings on those non-taxable deductions in terms of ‘absolute amount’ as their marginal tax rates are generally high.”

what penalties tax law violators have to face depends on the seriousness of the case and type of tax evasion. it can mean paying 0.05 percent of interest per day on late payments, or up to three times the amount of taxes in serious cases.

‘not bad news’

in the tax advisor’s opinion, the new iit law has brought about new changes to foreign individuals especially on special deduction claims. the law has also tightened tax administration on taxpayers in china, which means foreign individuals should be prepared

china's six-year rule for foreigners affects you now!

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expacts who have to carry financial burdens, such as international schooling for their children should be more attentive to tax law changes and plan ahead to make use of the special deductions available. “china is still an open market for foreign talent,” sandy cheung, partner with the consulting firm pwc said.

don’t share this kind of content in wechat!

on the evening of january 26th, wechat official public account “wechat” issued a new announcement, and announced a batch of results for “inducing users to share and disseminate external content”.

official notice

the objects handled by wechat include didi chuxing, jd, netease cloud music and a number of applications of byte dance, including today’s headlines, today’s headline speed version, volcano video, watermelon video and so on.

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

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wechat’s cases of illegal sharing and dissemination of external content include didi’s 2018 annual summary, jingdong super gods day inviting users to receive points.

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

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the new change is that if the application has repeated violations and confrontation, wechat will take stricter treatment.

confrontation refers to change transformation method, including the use of text links, qr codes, and changing domain names.

in the case of repeated violations and confrontational behaviors, wechat mentioned the personality test h5 of netease cloud music and the game “fifth personality“, as well as today’s headlines, volcano videos and other new users in the form of red envelopes.

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

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aiming at these behaviors, wechat said it will adopt a step-by-step mechanism. measures include down-grading daily sharing limits, restricting the use of wechat login features, permanently blocking accounts, domain names, ip addresses, or sharing interfaces.

wechat did not announce the daily sharing limit, but the restrictions on mobile phone applications using the wechat login function interface and the banned account are equivalent to third-party mobile apps that lack the fastest way to engage users.

byte dance

the application of byte dance seems to be highlighted. according to wechat, the byte dance continues to redeem the new activity by replacing the domain name 72 times.

besides, the 抖音(tik tok) of the byte dance has not been mentioned, but it seems to have been punished by wechat.

since january 22nd, the users of 抖音 have been unable to use the wechat account to log in. when the user attempts to log in with the wechat account, the pop-up window displays “the application does not have the permission to log in to wechat.

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

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on the same day, 抖音 explained on the wechat public account that “it should be the result of problems with the login service provided by the wechat open platform”, and that there is no smooth communicating channel with wechat”.

subsequently, li liang, vice president of byte dance, published a tweet on the personal headline account on january 27, mentioning the “blocking” behavior of wechat’s application to byte dance: “because of competition, it is reasonable. but if you still want to create rumors to slander opponents, it’s not an act of kindness.”

this has a direct impact on byte dance, baidu, etc. during the spring festival. according to the plan, today’s headlines issued 1 billion red envelopes between january 26 and february 4, of which 500 million were issued a similar way by alipay.

don't share this kind of content in wechat!

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baidu will also issue 1 billion red packets through baidu mobile phone application. this round of spring festival marketing has also begun to spread through wechat moments. baidu’s links will also lead to baidu mobile apps.

wechat has not blocked baidu’s link yet, but it may be a matter of time.

important upgrade on high-speed rail!

with the improvement of network infrastructure and the popularity of mobile internet, the increasing number of science services have been appeared during the spring festival rush period, like “enter station by face-recognition, order food by scanning “qr code”.

recently, passengers have found that there is a free wifi on high-speed rail. the passengers on g557 said that it is convenient to use free wifi along my journey.

it is said that the app called “掌上高铁“ is the official entrance of wifi, which can provide smooth and free high-speed rail wifi service for the majority of passengers based on ensuring the security of users’ information. now, the app has covered 274 fuxing trains, covering approximately 500,000 passengers per day.

important upgrade on high-speed rail!

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according to the related director of “掌上高铁”, each high-speed rail car is equipped with multiple aps for wireless coverage. each central high-speed rail deploys a central server and connects to the internet through a central server, thus ensuring network connectivity and the user’s network experience.


functionally, after logging in the app, the passengers can watch a movie, listen to comic dialogue by using high-speed rail wifi. at present, this app has been supplied with thousands of movies and television play by tencent video, as well as a large number of audio programs.


important upgrade on high-speed rail!

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station area map

in addition to the most important function of connecting wifi, the app also has six functions such as booking a car, ordering a shared car, and station navigation. among them, in the “station area map“(站区地图), you could check the station of entering and departure, the bathroom, the ticket for buying and taking, and the ticket entrance; and you could order caocao special car. 


important upgrade on high-speed rail!

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order shared car

in the“order shared car”(共享汽车), you could order izu go fun(首汽共享汽车)and shenzhou car rental, covering several cities in beijing (south railway station, west railway station), shanghai, hangzhou, jinan and qingdao. 


important upgrade on high-speed rail!

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diy bus

and you also can diy the route of the bus, like guangzhuang-madian, as well as search the bus and subway around.


important upgrade on high-speed rail!

important upgrade on high-speed rail!

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these wonderful content will enrich passengers’ trip life.  


besides, passengers also can get the ticket information synchronously and receive real-time dynamic notification about the trip. sharing your trip with relatives and friends, they can always know your location, whether the train arrives at the right time, and arrange the time to pick up at the station.


now with the inclusion of free wi-fi service at high-speed rail, it has completely fulfilled every passenger’s dream for having a perfect travel experience. 

only 60s! the girl was gone…

on january 18, henan pingdingshan city received an alarm. a motorcycle driver said that he had picked a deaf woman with a little girl crying all the time

only 60s! the girl was gone...


frightening 60 seconds.

he suspected that the deaf person was a trafficker! the police immediately rushed to the scene. the suspect was finally arrested after tracing and the girl returned safely to her parents.

as the cny is approaching, the flow of people in public places has increased. this is the peak time of trafficking children. parents must be vigilant and protect your children!


only 60s! the girl was gone...

similar accident

on january 1, 2019, in a shopping mall in guangdong, a man suddenly forcibly picked up a girl. after being quickly stopped by the parents, the man put down the girl and was ready to leave. after the man and his companion were blocked by passers-by, he kept saying “i am joking.”

only 60s! the girl was gone...


sugar-coated temptation

from sweets and snacks to pets, traffickers seduce children with items that children like, and use their simplicity, kindness, and curiosity to commit abduction.


only 60s! the girl was gone...



various uniform camouflage

some traffickers pretend to be workers, security guards, doctors, nurses and other staff. this kind of person exists in our daily life, and it is often easy to confuse the parents’ audiovisual. if the parents are not careful, the trafficker will stick out the claws to the child!


only 60s! the girl was gone...



multi-person collaborative crime

traffickers often attack the team, one distracts the attention of the parents, and others drive in the car not far away. often the parents just turn around and the child is taken away.


only 60s! the girl was gone...


pretending to be a loved one

the trafficker pretends to be a relative of the child, deliberately creating a family conflict in the crowd. after that, passers-by don’t know what’s happening nor dare to intervene. directly in front of the child’s family, the child is forcibly taken away by the trafficker.


only 60s! the girl was gone...



violent robbing

the traffickers stare at the children, waiting to seize a chance. when the child is alone or relatives around them are women or old people, they directly take the children away. most of them use vehicles such as motorcycles and cars.


only 60s! the girl was gone...



pretending to be an enthusiast

in parks, scenic spots, railway stations, etc., some traffickers will work at a selected spot for investigation. when they see that it is inconvenient for a mother to look after her child, they will pretend to be good-hearted and take the initiative to help take care of the children. in a blink of an eye, the child is abducted.


only 60s! the girl was gone...

the following must be

 taught to children

  • let the child familiar with the parent’s contact number and name. also remember the emergency call, first aid 120, police 110, fire 119, in case the child forgets the parent’s phone number under the panic.

  • when there are strangers talking, be vigilant and resolutely not walk with strangers.

  • don’t accept the food and clothing of strangers, try to avoid talking with strangers.

  • don’t take the initiative to introduce your situation to strangers.

  • when you can’t avoid strangers, try to find someone you can trust for help, such as police, military, security.

  • when the child has been abducted by strangers, ask the child to look for an opportunity to dial 110. parents can also put a note with contact information in the pockets of children’s clothes or trousers. if a similar situation occurs, ask the child to throw the note in a crowded place for help.