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this asian man called “dad of the year”!

an asian man who swiftly took his son away from a courtside ruckus is being hailed as “dad of the year” on social media.

this asian man called


the gesture, which was caught on video, occurred in game 4 between the brooklyn nets and philadelphia 76ers on sunday.


the altercation started after joel embiid (sixers) committed a foul on jarrett allen (nets). jared dudley (nets) rushed in and shoved embiid to stand up for his teammate.


this asian man called


jimmy butler (sixers) then shoved dudley for embiid. shortly, more players joined in.


this asian man called


as seen in the video, the father and son, who were sitting in the front row, were close to the players when things got physical.


this asian man called


in what can only be described as fatherly instinct, the man carried his son away from the fracas moments before it swallowed them both.


the clip has since gone viral on social media, with people praising the father’s quick move. 


this asian man called

why islam?

research shows islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. we need to become more aware of ramadan as well as the other practices and tenets of this religion. here are some things you may don’t know about islam.


why islam?


positive outlook on life

islam gives a person a clear perspective on the events that happen in their life, both good and bad, as they are, in fact, tests from god. it encourages a person to understand events in the context of the overall purpose of life, which is to acknowledge god and obey him.

why islam?


he created humans with intellect and free will to test them as to who will choose to follow his guidance. this life is an ultimate testing ground and although we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can control how we react.

islam encourages a person to focus on what is in their control, to be grateful to god for blessings, and to be patient during hardships. patience or gratitude-this is the formula for a happy life.


pure and clear concept of god

in fact, islam is not named after its founder or the community of its birth. islam is an attributive title that signifies obedience to god, the creator of the universe.

why islam?


one of its main beauties is that it acknowledges the complete perfection, greatness, and uniqueness of god with absolutely no compromises. this is reflected in islam’s pure teachings of the attributes of god.


emphasizes both evidence and faith

islam is a religion in which faith is based on clear proof. it encourages people to use their god-given intelligence to think and ponder over their life and the universe.

why islam?


although this life is a test, god has provided sufficient signs and guidance to people who are open-minded and sincere to be able to acknowledge the truth.


forgiveness of sins

islam encourages a balance between hope in god’s mercy and fear of his punishment-both of which are required to lead a positive and humble life.

why islam?


we are born sinless but have the free will to commit sins. god created us and knows we are imperfect and commit sins, but the key is how we react to committing those mistakes.


practical and balanced way of life

islam provides the right balance between faith and action, as both are required for a stable life. it provides guidance for all situations and circumstances. it is a practical religion with practical acts of worship that are designed to fulfill the spiritual, physical, psychological and social needs of people. 


why islam?

why islam?

in short, we should respect personal belief and religion in our daily life.

no matter who we are, where we go, we should pursue these small pieces of happiness in life; about truth, we should never give up the courage to find evidence; about sins, we should be brave to commit mistakes. in doing so, one will improve a lot and become a better person.

why islam?

notice! you’ll be banned from taking plane/train if…

for the majority of business owners in china, you have ushered in an important thing recently. do you remember to submit the crucial corporate annual reports? it not only affects your company’s operation but your personal credit in china!

what’s corporate annual report?

each year, every company in china must submit its annual report to the industrial and commercial administration within a specific time period through an online system. 


as soon as the deadline of annual report arrives, the reporting system will automatically shut down, and all enterprises that fail to report on time will be included in the list of abnormal operations.

notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

and all the annual reports in this system are available to the public so that any company or individual can check any one of them online.

why should you submit 

the annual report?


it’s stipulated that companies should submit their annual reports from january 1st to june 30th each year. companies that fail to submit their annual reports within this period will be added to the “poorly performing company list”


notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...


and if the company has been on that list for 3 years, it will be moved to the “illegal company list”, which, will results in…

  • a lifetime record of “illegal company list” that cannot be eliminated.

  • no way to deal with business alternation or cancellation.

    notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

  • poor credit record that exerts negative influences on cooperation with other enterprises.

  • long-term limits on visa applying, departure and entry, air tickets buying or high-speed rail tickets buying, or luxury hotels booking (usually 3-star or above).


a bad credit, so many limits!!!


get a fine


according to the rules, corporation will incur a penalty or other forms of punishment if it  ↓↓↓

  • do not publicize annual report or related information of corporation based on rules within regulated period. the penalty is 5,000-30,000 rmb.

  • fails to submit annual report to the government. those who refuse to make corrections or disobeying the government will be incur a penalty. the penalty is 100-1,000 rmb.

  • withholds the truth, practices frauds when publicizes information and annual report. the penalty is 10,000-30,000 rmb (for illegal enterprise), or 500-5,000 rmb (for individual business).

notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

the corporate annual report is seen as an indicator of a company’s attitude towards credit, so if you fail to submit it on time, your company will be considered to have lost its credibility and will not be trusted elsewhere, which must be torturing for you.

why do i have to submit 

the annual report asap?

there are too many companies out there.


according to statistics from the state administration for industry & commerce, the number of registered market entities around china has reached 110 million by the end of  2018, including 34.742 million enterprises. in 2018, there were 21.4958 million new market players and 6.7 million new enterprises, an average of 18,300 new enterprises per day.

notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

this means that this year there will be more than 100 million market entities involved in the annual report submission, which can be overwhelming for the online systems. 


the annual report requires professional quality work.

the annual report includes your company’s performance, and financial data etc. therefore, it’s better to assign this work to professionals in this field.  

tips from hacos


besides annual reports, there are many other tasks every year, such as: 

  • corporate income tax reports, 

  • annual foreign exchange inspection, 

  • annual joint inspection. 

if your company has the right to engage in import and export trade, you will also need to do the annual customs inspection; and if your company’s business scope includes advertising, then you’ll also need to do the annual advertisement inspection. 


notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

all these annual inspections must be finished within the specified time period. among them,

  • final settlement of the tax bureau is before may 30

  • industrial and commercial annual audit and joint annual inspection is before june 30.

otherwise, your company’s operation and credit will be affected in 2019. 

notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...


notice! you'll be banned from taking plane/train if...

as the 2018 annual report submission has begun, hacos would like to remind you —- please remember to do the annual report and all kinds of annual inspections, which are vital for your company’s credit!











商评委经审理查明:争议商标由被申请人于2003年8月13日提出注册申请,并于 2005年11月7日经商标局核准注册于第3类肥皂、洗发液等商品上。

商评委经审理认为,本案争议焦点可归结为争议商标是否构成《商标法》第十条第一款第(八)项所指的具有不良影响之情形。“水立方”是2008年北京奥运会标志性建筑物——国家游泳中心的名称,这一事实已为中国消费者广为知晓。被申请人将“水立方”注册为商标,易使消费者将其标示商品与奥运场馆国家游泳中心相联系,认为该商品为奥运会指定商品或与奥运会有某种关联,从而发生对产源的误认,进而产生不良影响。因此,争议商标已构成《商标法》第十条第一款第(八)项所指的具有不良影响之情形。依据《商标法》第十条第一款第(八)项、第四十一条第一款、第四十三条的规定,撤销    争议商标的注册。

























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