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donation platform: earn money or save life?

a beijing family has stopped making appeals for medical donations after questions about their financial status raised the concern of potential fraud.

lai chunrong put out an appeal for 1 million yuan on after her son, wu shuai, a cross talk performer, was admitted to hospital on april 8, 2019, with a brain hemorrhage. 


donation platform: earn money or save life?

in her appeal, lai suggested the family could not afford her son’s treatment, as both parents had retired and were living on pensions.


however, she has since put an end to her campaign after it was revealed her family owned two apartments in beijing, as well as a car.


donation platform: earn money or save life?

as of may 3, 2019, the online campaign on had raised just under 148,000 yuan. has since responded to the situation last night, may 5 amid online concerns that it should be more responsible in vetting who puts out calls for donations via its platform, and informed public that as of may 5, 2019, the money had not been transferred to the hospital from the platform.


the website is designed as a fundraising platform for poverty-stricken families to appeal for medical help. its operators note it’s not authorized to verify asset information which users are asked to provide.


donation platform: earn money or save life? has come under fire before, after it was confirmed that an appeal for donations for a sick girl in the guangxi zhuang autonomous region came from a family which also had the means to pay for her care.


donation platform: earn money or save life?

bank card swallowed by atm in china?

whether through human error or mechanical failure, atms have been known to swallow bank cards. luckily, this is largely for safekeeping, ensuring your card doesn’t fall into thieving hands. follow the process below and you’ll get your card back with minimal pain (but a bit of a delay).

bank card swallowed by atm in china?


step-by-step guide


if the atm where your card was swallowed is attached to a bank branch, seek assistance from a member of the bank’s staff. however, you may need your passport or other id to prove that you are the person the card belongs to. other bank cards may not be enough.

bank card swallowed by atm in china?

if bank staff are unable to help, look for a five-digit telephone number on the atm. this is the bank’s atm service hotline.


hotline numbers for major banks providing english-language services

agricultural bank of china: 95599

bank of china: 95566

bank of communications: 95559

china construction bank: 95533

china merchants bank: 95555

industrial and commercial bank of china (icbc): 95588


call the hotline – most have an english-language option – and follow the prompts. prepare your card number, name and passport number for bank staff to confirm your id. having the name of the bank and address of the atm where your card was swallowed will also help the bank track your card down.

call your own bank’s customer service hotline to report that your card has been swallowed. your bank will freeze your account immediately, meaning nobody else can access your account.

bank card swallowed by atm in china?

normally it takes three working days to recover a swallowed card. to collect your card, you’ll usually need to return to the branch the atm is attached to. if there is no branch nearby the atm, call the service line again to ask where you should go to collect your card. you’ll need to bring the passport you used to open your bank account (if you no longer have the original document, at least try to bring a photocopy – without this, getting your card back will be a complicated process).

prevention tip

some foreign countries’ atms will not dispense money until the card is removed from the machine; if you’re from one of these countries, make sure you focus when drawing out money – more than one visitor has walked away from the machine after taking their money, leaving behind the card.

these policies affect your life in china since today!

today is the 2019 labour day. meanwhile, a series of new laws and regulations will take effect across china since today. let’s check how your daily life in china will be changed.

these policies affect your life in china since today!


all freeways during labor day holiday

these policies affect your life in china since today!

this year’s labor day is a four-day holiday, and all toll roads in china are free. tolls are waived for passenger vehicles of less than 7 seats (including 7 passengers) and motorcycles allowed to travel on ordinary toll roads. 

the free time starts at 00:00 on the first day of the holiday (may 1st) and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday (may 4th).


employers in china can pay less social insurance fee now!

these policies affect your life in china since today!

the general office of the state council issued a plan to clearly indicate that from may 1st, the proportion of contributions paid to the basic endowment insurance by the employers will be reduced. 

  • at present, the provinces with a unit payment ratio higher than 16% can be reduced to 16%.

  • at the same time, the unemployment insurance and work injury insurance rates will continue to be reduced in stages.

in response to the pressure on the fund’s revenue and expenditure after the fee reduction, the financial dept. and the human resources & social security dept. indicated that they will take effective measures to properly respond.


new rule of tax resident in china


these policies affect your life in china since today!

the state administration of taxation issued an announcement. according to the new regulations, since may 1st, foreigners living in china for 183 days (originally one year) are seen as tax residents.

these policies affect your life in china since today!

according to article 4 of the new regulation,

  • if an individual who has no domicile in china and has resided in china for a total of 183 days for an annual period of not more than six consecutive years, the income derived from outside china and paid by entities or individuals outside china can be exempted from individual income tax.

  • if the foreign individual leaves china for more than 30 days consecutive a year, the period of continuous residence of more than 183 days in china will be counted anew.


you can bring pet to china directly.

these policies affect your life in china since today!

the general administration of customs has issued a notice. from may onwards, for the entry of passengers with pets, eligible for 30 days of isolation immunity, but only dogs or cats (one per person per time.)

three types of inbound pets exempt from quarantine include: 

  • pets from 19 designated countries or regionsnew zealand, australia, fiji, french polynesia, hawaii, guam, jamaica, iceland, united kingdom, ireland, liechtenstein, cyprus, portugal, sweden, switzerland, japan, singapore, hong kong, macao. 

  • pets from other non-designated countries and regions who can provide rabies antibody test reports issued by the accredited laboratory

  • guide dogs, hearing dogs, rescue dogs and other pets that can provide relevant user certificates and professional training certificates.


these rmb notes and coins can’t be used anymore!

these policies affect your life in china since today!

according to the central bank’s website, approved by the state council, the people’s bank of china decided to stop the circulation of the fourth set of rmb 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 2 jiao and 1 jiao coin (hereinafter referred to as “the fourth set of rmb types”) on the market since may 1, 2019.

these policies affect your life in china since today!


japanese visa applications are available online

these policies affect your life in china since today!

japan’s ministry of foreign affairs has announced that from may, it will start online visa application service for chinese tourist agencies to japan. this is the first time that japan has launched an online service for tourist visas to japan, and china will become the first country to start such service.

however, it is important to note that this time the online visa application is targeted at the agency rather than individuals. individuals to apply for a tourist visa to japan should submit information to agencies around the country as before.

in addition, the government plans to introduce “e-visas” (limited to single-trip visas to japan) in april 2020.


new requirements for company registration and alteration

these policies affect your life in china since today!

according to the requirements of the general administration of market supervision, since may 1st, shareholders, legal persons, principals, executives, managers and other related natural persons must carry out real-name identification.

[authentication method]

shareholders and legal persons download the “real-name authentication system”(实名身份验证系统) app – complete the certification – make a screenshot – print (only domestic companies).

after completing the registration, you can continue to handle the business. under the new policy, the company’s staff can be entrusted to others to finish company registration or alteration.

your visa may be affected by long-term zero declaration?!

it’s said that you can apply for zero declaration in the first half-year of opening. what is zero declaration? how does the tax bureau think about long-term zero declaration?

your visa may be affected by long-term zero declaration?!



what is zero declaration?


generally, zero declaration commonly appeared on the stage of preparation or opening. if there is no taxable income in a tax period, the enterprise could do zero declaration.



what is long-term zero declaration?


normally, 6 months or more will be regarded as long-term. the specific time limit is determined by the provincial and municipal tax authorities.



how does the tax bureau think about 

these enterprises that do long-term zero declaration?


enterprise is a management subject existed for profit. long-term zero declaration is contrary to its essence.


in the process of enterprise operation, there must be operating costs such as rent, water fee, and electricity fee. if the enterprise has no income for a long time, it means that the enterprise has no profit and cannot survive.

your visa may be affected by long-term zero declaration?!

in short, no one wants to lose money.




  • tax bureau would suspect that you are hiding income to evade tax. then you will be concluded into the key monitoring area and do tax payment assessment. if there is any hidden income, you will be fined and repay the tax and overdue fine.


  • enterprises that have applied for the invoice but haven’t give an invoice for the long term will be degraded in version and amount; the severe subject will be suspected as an exodus enterprise.


  • according to the regulations, you will be concluded into the dishonesty list and announce to the public, then thoroughly check the drawer and drawee.

for the legal deputy, the principal person, the personnel directly responsible for affecting the debt performance, and the actual controller of the dishonest enterprise:


  • limited use of transportation, such as airplanes and high-speed trains;

  • cannot undertake high consumption in high-grade place;

  • can not buy real estate or rent office block;

  • children’s education is restricted.

similarly, your visa may be affected by long-term zero declaration to some extent. 


your visa may be affected by long-term zero declaration?!



how to regulate?


with the increase of tax preferences in tax, the supervision will be stricter. a taxpayer shall manage standardly:

  • integrity management, standard audit

  • honest declaration, timely payment of tax

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