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muslim, thx for your kindness!

if you saw someone collapse or walk so hard in front of you, would you come to his or her aid or just walk on by? 


as is vividly depicted in the video given above, we can observe that an old man is tottering across the street with his walker, and walking so slowly and hard.


now is the time for lunch. a lot of people walk so hurry that ignore this man who needs help. crowds of pedestrians and countless vehicles in the street look like they are trying to bypass him. 


or they may have no time to pay attention, or they are afraid? like touching porcelain.


muslim, thx for your kindness!

anyway, there are no pedestrians and vehicles to be still for him until these two foreigners’ appearance. (i cannot identify their religious belief from the video, but there are 3 wechat accounts about islam that describe these 2 foreigners as muslims.)

finally, they help him to cross the street successfully, though they are hard to communicate due to different languages.


muslim, thx for your kindness!

in fact, kindness has no borders as the video says in the end! (善良没有国界) 

how to avoid your account from being checked?

recently, a piece of news sparks concerns around china, which is once the income in your individual account is too high, it’ll be checked immediately!

everyone should pay attention to the following circumstances, or you’ll break the law in these ways.

how to avoid your account from being checked?


tax evasion

from january 2015 to december 2016, a cloth company in guangzhou didn’t pay or underpay the tax payable of rmb 2.45 million by utilizing tax evasion trick.

according to the relevant law, it’s given the administrative punishment of 2.45 million yuan for recovered tax payable, and a fine of 1.22 million yuan.

attention! to avoid tax by utilizing individual account is impracticable in 2019!

how to avoid your account from being checked?

on march 15th, 2019, the tax bureau in jiangsu issued a list of 256 enterprises that violate tax laws.

how to avoid your account from being checked?

the reason: giving false vat invoices or other invoices to defraud export rebates or to offset tax.


high income in the individual account

what is block trade?

how to avoid your account from being checked?

  • a single transfer payment of more than 1 million yuan between legal deputy, other organizations and individual business (hereinafter collectively referred to as units);

  • a single cash payment of more than 200,000 yuan, including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, cash remittance, cash order, and cashier’s check payment;

  • the involved transferring money of more than 200,000 yuan between individual settlement account and individual settlement account as well as individual settlement account and unit settlement account.

what is a suspicious transaction?

how to avoid your account from being checked?

in the short term, funds are diversified but transferred in a centralized manner, or funds are centralized but transferred in a diversified manner;


the frequency and amount of funds payment is obviously inconsistent with the financial situation;


the funds’ payment is obviously inconsistent with its business scope;

how to avoid your account from being checked?

the long-term idle account is suddenly activated or the account with small capital flow and suddenly has abnormal capital inflow, and a large number of funds are received and paid in the short term;


frequent collection of remittances from individuals apparently unrelated to their business in the short term;


the amount, frequency and use of cash deposits and withdrawals are obviously inconsistent with their normal cash receipts and payments;


the accumulated cash payment of more than 1 million yuan in the short term for individual settlement account;

how to avoid your account from being checked?

the capital flow between customers from drug trafficking, smuggling, terrorist activities, gambling areas or tax-avoiding offshore financial centers has increased significantly in the short term, or a large number of funds are frequently collected;


there is no normal reason for long-term account opening and closing, and a large number of funds will be collected and paid before the account is closed;


other suspicious transactions regulated by the people’s bank of china;


other suspicious transactions determined by a financial institution.

short term means within 10 business days.

how to avoid your account from being checked?

anyway, all regulated financial institutions will submit a suspicious payment transaction report form within 2 working days once they have detected that your transaction amount is too large.

2/3 foreign teachers in china are illegal! seriously?

english teachers in china are very much in demand as language schools struggle to keep up with the growing english education consumption.

illegal is normal
major cities such as beijing require foreign people to have bachelor degrees or above and a minimum of two years’ work experience to obtain work permits.

in 2018, the two irish women who were currently being detained in china may not have known they were breaking the law.

they both took on an extra job teaching in a private school, which was not licensed.

it was understood these women did not believe there was an issue with the private school and had taken the jobs in good faith.

teaching english in china could be a tricky affair as many of the employers are unregulated agencies who fail to complete the required documents for their teachers, leaving them stranded as illegal workers.among the 400,000 foreign workers in the education industry in china, two-thirds were reported to be illegal workers, according to the state administration of foreign experts affairs.
not worth the risk
it was a regular occurrence for police to raid language schools and detain the foreign teachers, and normally schools are fined 10,000 yuan per illegal foreign worker.
in reddit, there is a post, “has anyone on here actually been caught private/illegal english teaching? what were the circumstances?”someone write a comment, “knew two teachers moonlighting in small english training schools while working somewhere else. both were arrested, fined and deportedwhen the police ran a random raid on the school.”some say, “one other teacher was caught and deported for working on a business visa in a training school when the police raided the school unannounced one summer morning.”
teachers got all the blame
in fact, as an old chinese saying goes,  it takes two to take a quarrel.

many institutes hire foreigners for a show for chinese parents, and some so-called foreign experts are worse even than some chinese.

although these foreign teachers are not qualified to some extent. and some foreign teachers reflects some parents’ superficial understanding of english learning.

“these teachers who haven’t received proper training can only provide simple conversation skills, not systematic language education,” said xiong binqi, vice president of 21st century education research institute.

however, it is a lucrative market as chinese parents are prepared to pay higher fees to have native-english teachers for their children. many non-native english speakers pretend to be native speakers to gain employment, and many of the agencies don’t care.

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is…

in order to accelerate the construction of credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanisms, credit china issued an additional list of person subject for trust-breaking in april on may 5th.

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...


there are 411 people who are restricted to taking the train for serious trust-breaking, and 1001 people who are restricted to riding aircraft.

among them, here are 407 people from railway list, mainly involved in smoking on emu trains or in non-smoking areas of other trains, disrupting the order of railway station and jeopardizing railway safety, causing serious social adverse effects, ride without the ticket, overtaking stations and refuse to pay the ticket.

they will be restricted to take all the seats on the train.

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...

what’s more, here are 1007 people from aircraft list, mainly involved in carrying or consigning dangerous goods, contraband and controlled articles as stipulated by national laws and regulations, which are prohibited or restricted to be transported in baggage by civil aviation.

forging or using other people’s flight identification documents, flight vouchers, using fire, smoking, illegally using electronic equipment in the aircraft will also be restricted to ride aircraft.


now, this list is being published in credit china website. if we search their name in google, the first result appeared on the page is the person subject list to enforcement for trust-breaking.

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...


obviously, most of them are chinese, but there are 6 foreigners here, who are restricted to take aircraft!

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...

in fact, from the published list in march 2018, most people made a mistake for the same thing: being found these dangerous goods, contraband, and controlled articles as stipulated by national laws and regulations in security inspection.

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...


however, the consequence of being into the person subject list to enforcement for trust-breaking is not only the restriction on riding trains and aircraft.

or restrictions on hotel and restaurant visits, conspicuous consumption travel, sons and daughters attending high-fee schools, purchasing insurance with a cash value, newly building, expanding, or expensively renovating housing, etc.


these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...

in recent days, a local movie theatre in the city of lishui, zhejiang province, showed a list before the avengers: endgame on april 24.


these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...

their names and faces of more than 300 people on blacklist issued by district court have reportedly been displayed on cinema screens, public led screens, and on buildings. 

these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...


with the development of society and economy, personal credit will be increasingly important in the construction of social credit system.

any behaviors for trust-breaking will be recorded into the database. having honesty and integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities.


these foreigners are banned from taking plane. the reason is...

supposed you are in this list and eagerly obtaining a big investment to maintain your business, will the investor pull out? or trust you?