latest notice! oocl, cma, rcl, skr have adjusted fees!

at present, oocl, cma, rcl, skr have released messages about some fees adjustment! today, in order to convenient you to better understand the latest news, we have sorted out the information! © image | ichainnel oocl please be advised that to maintain our quality service to all customers, effective from sep 1, 2018, oocl would like to adjust change of destination/ dicharge port fee (cod without restow) to a reasonable level at usd350/bill of landing, the charge exclude any other actual cost. as follows: © image | 物流巴巴 adjustment notice new zealand trade rate restoration notice: © image | 物流巴巴 north china to australia trade revenue recovery increase notice: © image |  物流巴巴 cma please find the new applicable cma cgm freight all kinds (fak) rates(*) as follows as from september 1st, 2018 (date of loading in the origin ports) and until further notice (but not beyond september 30th, 2018). © image | cma cgm tianjin port banned scrap notifications, bookings book required to display the full product code (hs code). forbidden items: © image | 物流巴巴 all bookings ( all lines, all destinations) must be provided with the chinese and english product names, and complete the product code (hs code). © image | 物流巴巴 skr please pay attention to the relevant precautions for chittagong! © image |  物流巴巴