chinese runner suffers surprise diarrhea during half marathon

a top chinese athlete has been dubbed “the runner with the runs” after soiling himself in an untimely bout of diarrhea at the shanghai international half-marathon.wu xiangdong, who felt “unwell” after 10 kilometers, began to relieve himself past the 14-kilometer mark of the 21-kilometer race, sina sports reported.“even i couldn’t stand the smell,” said wu, according to the south china morning post.“i kept running and didn’t stop [to go to the toilet because there weren’t any] and i wanted to beat the african runner at the finish.”wu finished and won his category in one hour, six minutes and 16 seconds. he believes that he could have been faster without diarrhea.“i was really relieved when i crossed the finish line,” wu said. “it seemed i had more power after i excreted everything [during the race]. i definitely would have run faster if i didn’t have this [episode].”wu suspects that he had suffered from the runs due to the wet clothes he was wearing. he had bread and water before the race.“i don’t think it was because of what i ate. it was a mighty relief to have had the toilet in the end.”in the end, ethiopian runners bested both men’s and women’s categories, with antenayehu dagnachew yisma (1:02:32) and bedatu hirpa badane (1:12:10) emerging as champions, respectively.while wu made it clear that he wants to remember nothing from the race, many praised him for completing his category in such a nightmare-ish users commented:“congratulations for making it first!”“i admire your will to win, though i can’t help but laugh at this.”“you’re very athletic, but the whole ordeal must be very uncomfortable.”“this kind of situation is normal in marathons. i admire your sportsmanship.”“despite your circumstance, you still stuck to the end of the race! you are the best.”share to let your friends know!source |next shark?these articles may help youguidelines: transfer money overseas via alipay!rmb with these numbers are all fake! pay attention!how much money can i bring when entering china?

我们不一young? 今年瀚客年会到底多不一样?!

2018年2月9日,“我们不一young——hacos瀚客2017年终庆典”在花园酒店隆重举行。本次年会以中国风元素为主题,融汇hacos全体同仁的青春与活力,联袂上演了一场年度盛会。 践行make difference的企业价值观,hacos今年的年会到底搞了什么不一样的事情呢? 小编马上为大家奉上精彩纷呈的照片! 我们不一young 所有同事分成两汉三国,每组需穿着对应朝代的主题服饰出席。开场前,大家纷纷到大背景板前签名并拍照留念。我们不一样,我有我的young! • 本次庆典主持——cherry,leo,alin,victor 团队展示 首先进行的是团队展示环节 率先出场的是顾问部、货代业务部和操作文件部,他们的主题服装是唐装。 “我们不一样——唐朝最疯尚。” 接下来是产品部下属的工商注册部和财税顾问部同事,他们穿着汉服,喊出了他们的口号:我们不一样——天灵地灵,产品最灵! 第三大组由市场部,人事行政部,财务部,客服部和山东分公司组成,自称“最young”,“最闪亮”的他们穿着民国闺秀服饰优雅出场。 最后压轴的是我们的特别来宾,雄赳赳气昂昂地出场,一下就赢得了在场的热烈掌声。 总经理致辞 瀚客总经理harvey致辞,希望今晚大家尽情玩乐,乐在其中。 总结2017,我们共同见证了过去一年的收获与成长;展望2018,有你们的信赖,我们将走得更远。 节目表演 既然当晚高朋云集,群贤毕至,那又怎么少得了精彩的表演呢? • 2017hacos年终庆典——顾问部 货代业务部 操作文件部表演 • 2017hacos年终庆典——财税部表演 • 2017hacos年终庆典——工商注册部表演 • 2017hacos年终庆典——市场部 客服部 人事行政部 财务部表演 幸运大抽奖 没有幸运抽奖的年会是不完整的。hacos也藉此献上为大家精心准备的礼品,看看都被哪些运气旺旺的小伙伴拿到吧! 小米体脂秤 松下电烤箱 家用动感单车 法拉利超跑精装模型 表彰优秀员工 • 2017hacos年度未来之星奖 • 2017hacos年度最佳执行力奖 • 2017hacos年度文化大使奖 • 2017hacos年度最佳团队奖 • 2017hacos年度top sales奖 • 2017hacos年度特别贡献奖 为了犒劳同事们一年的辛勤付出,本届年会的奖品也“蹭蹭蹭”加码了! 掏出来……搞事情? 得奖同事几乎人手一部的小米手机呢! 社团回顾&招新 • 跑团新任团长leo发言 • 读书团新任团长lulu发言 入职纪念 受阿里巴巴“一年香三年醇”的启发,hacos也按照入职时间,为每一位入职满一年和三年的同事颁发相应的999纪念银币。 • 颁发一年纪念银币 • 颁发三年纪念银币 一年香,三年醇,五年陈。 每一位在hacos辛勤工作的同事,你们是公司最大的财富!仅以一枚枚定制的银币,献给最珍贵的你。 梦想实现奖金 体味过成功的快乐,经历过成长的烦恼,我们支持追梦路上的每一位瀚客人。 根据每年的传统,hacos将为每一位实现梦想的追梦人颁发梦想实现奖金并为出国的小伙伴报销签证费用! 颁发年终奖 最后,当然少不了大家都期待已久的年终奖啦! 谢谢这一年不断努力的自己, 悄悄捂紧手上的大红包, 大家今年可以过一个肥年啦! 晚宴 青春不老,我们不散。 我们明年再见! hacos,business services solutions master


hacos联合广东环宇京茂律师事务所举办的法律讲座,已在昨日落下帷幕并取得完满成功(此处应有掌声),超过30名hacos客户到场参与此次讲座。 本次讲座讲师曹卓敏律师,以她从业超过十五年的丰富经验,用专业的角度围绕着在华贸易的主题展开了详尽而独到的论述。 贸易法律是一个复杂的课题,而讲座的时间又是有限的。为了让大家更容易理解讲座的内容,曹律师提炼出过多个在华外商最常遇到的典型案例,并一一为大家讲解;甚至有亲身遭遇过案例问题的客户, 经过曹律师的当场讲解终于找到了解决问题的办法。现场讨论积极,气氛高涨,简直停不下来。 此次讲座让众多hacos的客户朋友们成为了朋友,也让他们获益良多! 自由提问时间,曹律师耐心解答了客户们提出的各种问题。 **中场下午茶** hacos为大家准备了星巴克咖啡和各类新鲜水果,让大家稍作休息后继续后半场的讲座学习。期间,大家互相聊天并认识彼此。 **抽奖环节**现场气氛踊跃,不少客户在高喊”please take my card!””hacos is the best! i love hacos”。最后幸运的客户也如愿拿到了咖啡机,蓝牙音箱,充电宝等hacos为大家精心准备的礼品。 会后更有不少好学的客户追问曹律师问题。 这次的法律讲座让各位hacos客户们成为了朋友。 hacos衷心感谢各位老板的支持和信任,希望你们在中国做生意能顺顺利利。更多优质的讲座和活动正在筹备中,我们下次见! 请保持留意hacos公众号的有关更新。 图片来自网络 hacos原创文章 转载请先取得授权 并注明出处 hacos,商业服务ag真人试玩的解决方案大师

keep going, hacos! 瀚客 2017 年徒步纪实

outdoor hiking is one of hacos traditional activities every year, for the purpose of team building. so, this year, the most beautiful coastline in shenzhen — dongchong & xichong was our choice. 户外徒步是hacos每年的传统活动,同时也是团队建设的重要一部分。今年的活动路线选择了深圳最美海岸线——东西冲,自西冲穿越到东冲。 ● the most beautiful coastline in shenzhen ● from xichong to dongchong nan’ao island, dapengwan, sz 27/06/2017 different from others, we decided to travel on foot in a reverse direction, from xichong to dongchong. quite a narrow road led up there, we slowed down, but were still moving forward… 由于选择了反方向行走,山路的狭窄增加了活动的危险,同时也会减慢了行进的速度。 group photo at the beginning! let’s go! happy ●we set out happily! ● say hello to the nature. ● after solving a problem during go hiking, we smile! ●it’s so happy to see the beautiful scenes on the way. ● after climbing over a hill. ● just have a break, another hill is waiting for us. cooperation ● let’s go forward with cooperation. ● holding each other up. ● helping each other to overcome the difficulties. ● to strengthen the bond of love between us. ● our boss asked us to keep up with the team and be cautious. ● stay in line. ● follow one after the other. share ● share the beautiful scenes with you. ● share the beautiful scenes with you. ● we share happy moments together on the speed boat. ● eventually arrived at our destination–dongchong. to serve, to strive, not to yield! just as what the spirit of outwardbound teaches us, a little boat stands off to the vast, unexplored sea from a tranquil harbor, confronts with obstacles and challenges, and tries to overcome them one after another, over and over again. 正如户外拓展(outwardbound)象征的意义,一艘小船驶离平静的港湾, 义无反顾地投向未知的旅程,去迎接一次次挑战,去战胜一个个困难。 happy cooperation share we keep hacos spirit –“happy, cooperation, share”not only in work but also in our team activities. we enjoyed such splendid nature, trying to release pressure, relax and readjust ourselves. 快乐、合作、分享是瀚客的工作理念,也是每一位瀚客团队成员的在这次户外拓展活动中学习并收获的精神。在大自然中放松精神,释放压力,调整心态。 moreover, we realize that teamwork is something really important when encounter with hardships. each member in the team plays a significant role. we keep moving, and we keep fighting! hacos, let’s go! 体会到团队合作对于克服困难的重要性,瀚客团队中每一个成员都有着自己的特殊价值。我们努力,我们坚持,我们一路前行。加油吧,瀚客! we keep moving, and we keep fighting! hacos, let’s go! hacos,business services solutions master